Finding A GPS Tracker On Your Vehicle

Technology has changed the way people interact, communicate, and connect with one another. The ubiquity of the Internet and mobile devices over the past 20 years have truly improved lives, but what happens when technology is used for potentially nefarious purposes? This is the case for people who believe a GPS tracking system might be attached to their automobile and monitoring their movements 24/7. In this particular situation, it is important to know where a GPS tracker might be hidden on a vehicle so the individual can locate the tracker and remove it.

How To Scan Your Car For A Tracking Device

Most real-time GPS trackers are designed as portable, stand-alone solutions with waterproof housing. That means they can easily be hidden inside a vehicle. What people might not know is that the tracking devices are also engineered with an exterior magnetic mount which allow a user to covertly place a GPS tracker on the outside of a vehicle as well. Common spots people will hide a GPS tracker include:

  • Underneath The Car (Attached Via Magnet)
  • Inside The Dashboard
  • Under A Seat
  • Connected To The OBD-II Port
  • Hard-Wire Connection To The 12-Volt System (Inside The Dash)

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Since GPS signals cannot penetrate metal, people rarely hide a GPS tracker in the trunk or under the hood. 

Reasons A GPS Tracking Would Be On Your Car

There are a lot of different situations where it is perfectly legal and reasonable for a GPS tracker to be on a vehicle. For example, if a parent is concerned their teenager might be speeding, a business believes employees are misusing company vehicles, or when a family is worried a senior loved one might be getting lost while driving.

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There are also other more unique situations when GPS tracking devices are lawfully placed on vehicles such as when a car dealership sells a vehicle while owning the title, or when law enforcement wants to conduct an investigation into possible criminal activity.

How accurate is a GPS tracker? When placed in a location where a clear line of sight is available, GPS tracking devices can be accurate to within 6 feet!

Found GPS Tracker In My Car

If a person scans their vehicle and does find a GPS tracker on the car the next step should be to contact the proper authorities. This means a call to local law enforcement so they can try and extract the data from the GPS device, as well as access the serial number of the car tracking system to potentially find who purchased the live GPS tracker.

Real-Time GPS Trackers

Unlike GPS data loggers that can work anywhere in the world without the need of cellular service, real-time GPS tracking systems cannot transmit live locational data without the assistance of cellular towers. This process is done through what is known as A-GPS (assisted GPS) where a device records GPS signals along with location-based data and then transmits it that information in real time through the use of cell towers. The GPS tracking data can then be viewed instantly by the user, allowing them to determine where a vehicle is located, how fast it is going, and a wealth of other data related to the driving activity.

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