5 Facts About Cannabis To Boost Your Immunity During COVID 19

Humankind has continuously been under the threat of viral diseases like COVID-19, Ebola, etc. The cure for many of these deadly diseases, such as the novel COVID-19, has yet to be found. In these uncertain and unprecedented times, the need to maintain good health and strong immunity is of utmost importance.

In recent times, cannabis has been studied to a reasonable extent for its ability to enhance immunity in the body. Still, it remains a controlled substance in many parts of the world. However, it has found its way to the labs where research and development of new drugs are carried out. The Cannabinoids, found in abundance in cannabis, is an essential component of modern contemporary medicine for better immunity. 

Despite not having a very detailed documented proof of the medical benefits of cannabis, it presents hope in the medical field for boosting immunity. To understand better, here are five facts about cannabis that can help boost immunity, especially during the times of COVID-19.  

1. How does cannabis work in the presence of a pathogen?

The cannabinoid compounds in cannabis are studied for their anti-pathogenic properties. Preliminary research suggests that these essential compounds have a destructive influence on the pathogens, especially in its incubation phase. It also attempts to isolate the infected cell in the body and then to destroy it. Even if the cannabinoids are unable to eradicate the infection, it weakens the pathogen by eating away the protein protective layer, leaving it vulnerable to the immunoglobulins. 

They also activate the receptors in the body, CB1, and CB2, in particular, which play an essential role in the endocrine system. Overall, it also helps the body detect the pathogens faster and arrest the infection in the early stages. 

2. Presence of essential nutrients

All the essential nutrients required to maintain the immune system of the body are available in cannabis. Nowadays, ready to eat cannabis concentrates and cannabis derivatives, such as CBD oils and extracts are readily available, both online and offline. This supplements the body with vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B, C, E, and Potassium and calcium. 

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However, there is no substantial existing evidence to prove that these nutrients derived from cannabis play an active role in crushing the pathogen from entering a host cell. However, preliminary tests have shown that the cannabinoids and other useful nutrients provide an instrumental growth in the lymphocytes and immunoglobulins. Through this means, cannabis keeps the immunity of the body in a state of constant high alert. You can purchase the seeds here and grow them in your backyard to reap the benefits.

3. Lesser number of complications 

Often traditional medicines and drugs used to boost immunity have an opposite effect due to the high side effects that weaken the body. Cannabis, however, is established as a low side effect substance by the World Health Organisation. 

There are a few dire long term effects of unregulated and abnormal high dosages. Ingesting more than the prescribed amount of cannabis-based products can lead to lung problems, such as Bronchitis, and lead to lowered sex drive in people. Some cases have also shown signs of addiction to cannabis due to prolonged consumption. Therefore, one must get their cannabis verified and prescribed by a professional cannabis practitioner. 

4. Few other Medical benefits

Cannabis has several medical benefits. Sativex, which is a regular treatment for muscle spasms and pain, is derived from cannabis. Other derivatives, such as CBD oil and extracts, act as an anti-inflammatory medicine that relieves the patient from the torment. 

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Medical benefits in more dire conditions, such as HIV and different varieties of cancers, are also being tested. Despite the lack of definitive proof, people claim that cannabis has helped them cope with these diseases. Even in the cases of viral infections, such as cold sores and different variants of herpes are treated with cannabis-based drugs. With a lower chance of suffering these diseases, the immune system of the body remains uncompromised. You can also grow cannabis at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is procure High Supplies blue dream seeds in 2020 and give ample light and water to germinate.

5. Precautions to take 

Consumption of cannabis needs to be adequately regulated and systematic. Especially, pregnant women are strictly advised to stay away from cannabis as it might lead to a congenital disability in their offspring. There is evidence that pregnant women consuming cannabis during their conception have given birth to under weighing children with low immunity. 

Consumption of Alcohol along cannabis is another health hazard. It often leads to dizziness and impaired neural function. Overdosage of cannabis and its products can also lead to the same symptoms. Therefore, careful inspection of the concentration of cannabis in the products must be carried out before ingesting. Doctors recommend that one needs to consume approximately 2-5 mg of CBD daily for a balanced immunity in the body. 


Mainstream treatment of infections using cannabis is still in its primitive form in the research labs. Different experiments and theories have been reported for the same. Unfortunately, cannabis remains a class 2 controlled substance in many parts of the world. However, conclusive evidence and points mentioned above, does show that cannabis has shown promise to give a boost in immunity in humans.

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