Dating Mobile App Development: All You Need to Know About Top Features and Cost

Love gets high-tech in the age of social media. Today, we have the comfort of finding a match using our fingertips thanks to the dating apps like Tinder, Happn, and Zoosk. The popularity of such apps is skyrocketing worldwide and it is expected that the annual revenue generated by all dating apps will reach $2 billion.

Tinder has written a success story with over 10 million daily active users. Let’s go through the key features and cost of a customized dating app

Key Features of Successful Dating App 

Just like any on-demand app solutions, the dating app also has two panels- User-side and Admin-side. Both panels have different features that we are going to list here. But before that, let’s go through the top features of a dating mobile app

Video Chat – It is the most important feature of any dating app. It takes communication to the next level and provides a pleasant experience of face-to-face conversations to the users. 

Matchmaking – This is another essential feature for the dating app. Users can find the match and start conversing instantly. 

Social Media Integration – The dating app should be connected with social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to provide a rich experience to the users. 

Private Messages – Well, like any customized IM app, the dating app should also have a facility to send private messages. 

Virtual Gifts – This feature can enable users to exchange virtual gifts and share their feelings. 

Photo Upload – Photos speak larger than words! Advance photo upload can enable the users to share images with the match. 

Now, we will go through the most necessary features for the user-side and admin-side.

User-side App Features

Registration- The users can register either through a social media account or a telephone number and email account

Notifications- The users can get real-time notifications regarding match requests and text messages

Location- It enables the users to find the location of the dating partner and share the same

Send Request- It facilitates the users to send chat and meet requests to the match

Profile Builder- The drag-and-drop profile builder can enable the users to make an attractive profile to increase the chances of their requests to be accepted

Who viewed my profile- This interesting feature can inform the users about the persons who have viewed their profile?

Winks- It increases the interactivity and makes the conversation more lifelike

Bookmarks- It is easy to save necessary information with this feature

Report or Block- The users can readily block the person and report about them in the case of a misdeed or misconduct

Respond or Decline- It enables the users to accept or reject the requests from other users

Chat- Text-based chat is possible through this function. 

Reviews and feedback- The users can give their suggestions and express their views through this feature. It helps you improve the app’s look and feel. 

Admin-side App Features

Membership Management- It enables the admin to manage members and various plans

Content Moderation- It facilitates the admin to moderate abusive content and eliminate spam or unsolicited messages

Revenue Tracking- It can help the admin to track the revenue and overall app performance. This function also includes analytics. 

Access Management- It is the admin’s right to provide access to features to the users. Also, the paid or premium version is also managed by this feature. 

Page Management- It allows the admin to publish any special package or a scheme through managing the pages. 

Advertisement Management- The main source of income for the dating app is an advertisement. This feature allows the admin to manage ads. 

After integrating these important features, you may consider adding the following advanced features with the help of dating app development.

Advanced Features to Enhance User Experience

Geolocation, Swipe, push notifications, and superlike are some advanced features that can make your app more popular. You can also give an option of premium app version that includes all these features or makes it ad-free. Here, it is a must to protect the privacy of users while providing them a personalized experience. The lack of data security or any breach of data can cost you a king’s ransom and a big loss of brand reputation. 

It is of utmost importance that all necessary aspects should be taken into account while opting for online dating app development.

How much do You Need to Pay for Developing a Dating App like Tinder?

Well, the cost of a tailored dating app depends on various aspects like complexity, features, platforms, and third-party integrations. These aspects decide the number of developers you need and the development duration. Another crucial factor is hourly rates. When you hire mobile app developers, they charge on hourly basis and these rates are different in different countries globally. 

For example, if you want to develop a dating app in India, the hourly rate can be as low as $25, whereas, you may end up paying $150 an hour for developing the same app in the USA. It is fair to assume that the development cost of a dating app is more than two times in the USA as compared to that in India. You can get an app with basic features between $8000 to $10000, whereas the same app can cost you around $22000 in Europe or the US. 

This is just an approximate price. It is better to discuss the features and functionality with experienced mobile app developers to get an exact idea of dating app development cost. Also, you should ask for additional charges like support and maintenance cost before assigning your dating app project. 

Concluding Lines

People just love to find like-minded persons online. In such a situation, it is fair to mention that dating apps are here to stay. The feature-rich dating app can generate a strong and steady stream of revenue while offering you a high ROI. All you need is an attractive interface, excellent features, and seamless performance. You can consult a mobile app development company to know how a dating app can work wonders to earn you big bucks.

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