Customized gifts against standardization

It’s time to bring back customised gifts against the influx of standardisation. Buying gifts for others can be challenging. Whether the gift is for your partner, friend, colleague or relative – it can be difficult to find a meaningful and special gift. Shopping centres are hectic, delivery prices are skyrocketing, and most of us have very busy lives.

The process of gift-giving should be heart-warming and personal. You can surprise your friend with a lovely gift that reminds them of a memory you share together. Try to think outside the box and use gifts to show your loved ones just how much you care. 

Standardisation affects almost every aspect of our lives – from the food we eat to the entertainment we watch. Globalisation has somewhat removed any sense of personality and emotion from gift-giving. Everyone gifts the same mugs, clothes and sweets to celebrate occasions with their loved ones. However, buying a standardised product is often the easy and quick route that doesn’t really say anything about your relationship with that person. 

Invest in small businesses on Esty and not on the Highstreet to support the independent market. Personalised products don’t need to be engraved with names and quotes. You can choose something personal from a local gift shop or an item that has a level of emotion attached to it. Tailor every gift to the person receiving it so you can share love and joy with your loved ones. You will also be known as an excellent gift-giver!

Make gift-giving fun and creative by making something yourself. You could make your friend a piece of clothing through knitting or crochet. Or you could bake a hamper of your friend’s favourite sweet goods to remind them of a particular restaurant experience. Of course, we’re not all gifted bakers, and sometimes a personalised chocolate gift is the way to go. A yummy treat is a great way to remind your friend you’re thinking of them.

You could also choose a gift that your friend can keep and treasure forever. For example, you could make them a photo album of your favourite memories together. If they are getting married, you could make a wedding day survival kit with pins, hair ties and a little alcoholic treat.

The options are endless when it comes to personalised gifts. Ditch the standardised gifts you have received numerous times and stand out from the crowd with a custom-made item. You can also find a unique and creative gift from an independent shop online. Personalised gifts can be quick and easy as well if you need them to be. 

Build healthy relationships with your family and friends by surprising them with wonderful gifts. Remember – make it personal!

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