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Clover Point of Sale: When You Need the Best for Your Business

Clover Point of Sale

 Accelerate your business growth with a brand-new POS system. If your POS, or point of sale, the system is struggling to keep up with demands, learn how the latest Booker POS and other systems can give you the detailed reporting, intuitive training, and streamlined processing your business needs.

 Intuitive Training

 Too many POS systems are difficult to learn. This translates into additional time spent teaching employees and adapting to a complicated system. Choose a POS system that is customizable and intuitive to learn. Adjust the interface to match your unique business requirements. Whether you’re operating a restaurant with a wide range of menu options or your employees need to enter a lot of manual information, find an interface that works with you.

 Versatile Hardware

 Gone are the days when a bulky cash register was the only payment option available. If you have a seasonal rush or are simply looking for a better way to personalize your customer service experience, look for more manageable POS systems. Lightweight, high-speed and affordable, the newest payment processing systems are an incredible investment for any business.

 The CloverFlex is a perfect example of mobile power and convenience. Streamline the entire process and allow your customers to pay for their purchases throughout your store. Whether your customers wish to make a purchase immediately after trying on clothing or pay for their meal right at their table at your restaurant, the CloverFlex gives you the payment options you need.

 Diverse Payment Options

 The latest payment options are fast, safe and convenient for your customers. Offering their preferred method of payment can increase sales and customer satisfaction. If you can’t keep up with the diverse payment options available, choose a POS system that covers these and other intuitive payment options: 

  • EMV chip cards
  • Contactless payment
  • Mobile app payment

 Send receipts electronically or enjoy the built-in printing technology of handheld or countertop POS systems. The goal of offering multiple payment options is to speed up your lines and allow customers to feel valued. As these newer payment options become more common, your customers may not have an alternative, traditional means of payment. Avoid embarrassment and missed sales by offering the full range of payment processing services in one location.

 Affordable, commitment-free Technology 

Rapidly advancing technology reduces the price of intuitive POS systems. If you’re used to paying steep installation and hardware costs, along with a long contract, you’ll be surprised at the affordability of the latest Clover hardware and software options. Whether you need a large countertop model with a cash drawer, or a mobile credit card processor, you’ll find all the options your business needs.

 When you sign up for Clover POS through a reliable provider, you can enjoy no installation fees, little or no cost for your hardware and a commitment-free software subscription. Launch a new payment processing system for your business and discover the benefits of a streamlined, customer-centric payment process. Don’t let your business fall behind due to outdated technology, but keep up with your competition and provide your customers with the latest features of a reliable, intuitive POS system.

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