Cigar Storage Solutions with Tobacco Boxes

The cigar enthusiast and the cigar connoisseurs will always care for their cigars and will ensure that the cigars are stored properly so as to maintain the taste, the smell, and the quality of the cigars. Tobacco boxes basically serve a practical purpose of cigar storage and provide an excellent atmosphere for aging all types of tobacco. It is against this backdrop that this article looks at the different cigar storage options with the use of tobacco boxes, and the importance, kind and manner of storage, as well as how to make the cigars fresh and ready for use.

Understanding Tobacco Boxes

Tobacco boxes is the general term used for cigar humidors or cases that are made specifically to house cigars with the right moisture content. Most are of wooden or metal construction or are produced with acrylic overlays to protect the equipment inside from the effects of the moisture in the air; many have light-tight seals and humidity-regulating systems. Tobacco boxes are produced differently regarding size, shape, and installation of lids to suit different capacities of cigars and the preferences of the user, among other factors.

Benefits of Tobacco Boxes

Preservation of Flavor and Aroma

Humidity Control: Tobacco Boxes also hold the humity level constant, which stands at around 65 to 75 percent, which is suitable for the cigars’ taste, smell, and texture. Controlling and maintaining the right level of humidity helps avoid either dryness of cigars or excessive moistness that can lead to an undesirable smoking experience.

Temperature Regulation: Besides humidity tobacco boxes also control the temperature since cigars cannot withstand high temperature as they otherwise may spoil. The conditions also moderate the direct exposure to light; this inhibits the formation of molds and pests while awaiting for the cigars to mature properly.

Protection from External Elements

Light Protection: FRUITS: Excessive exposure to direct sunlight, likewise ultraviolet rays may harmfully impact cigars and generate fading of wrapper. Original packaging such as tobacco boxes contains cigars in an enclosed black colored box that minimizes exposure to light hence maintaining the cigars’ quality through their color and texture.

Air Circulation: We also need to consider that tobacco boxes provide medium for fresh air to circulate within the sealed environment to avoid boiling air. It helps to avoid the formation of mold on cigars and thus they still remain fresh.

Enhanced Aging Potential

Aging Benefits: Tobacco boxes are ideal to be used to store cigars such that the cigars remain fresh and go through a process called; aging which enhances the taste of the cigars. Tobacco boxes offer environment, humidity, and temperature control which are all essential elements when it comes to aging tobacco, which in turn makes the flavor and experience of smoking far superior.

Long-Term Storage: Tobacco boxes also provide a storage solution to cigar enthusiasts, as they offer them vitrines which means that they are able to add to their cases throughout years. The cigars if adequately stored and aged turn into collections or more importantly components of great pleasure with flavors that are enriched by increased age.

Types of Tobacco Boxes

Desktop Humidors

Desktop humidors are relatively small size stainless cigar humidor units that are particularly made for private use. They are moderate to large size and are meant to contain between a few cigars to couple dozen and are usually built for home or office use. There are various types of dry essences that are currently available on the market, and there’re designed in different styles, from wooden humidors to some modern ones like acrylic or metallic construction.

Cabinet Humidors

Cabinet humidors are bigger than crystal and can be moved and they offer a big storage capacity for cigars. They are often designed to have at least 2 or more shelves or drawers to give way to proper storage and creations in a house of cigars. Cabinet humidors are recommended for the enthusiasts or collectors as this kind of humidor has sufficient capacity to store cigars.

Travel Humidors

Travel humidors can be described as compact and strong containers created for storing and transport of cigars within optimal environmental conditions. They are generally constructed of metal or plastic, some of them, however, have special cushioned interiors as well as tight fitting lids destined to protect cigars in transit. Travel humidors are available in various sizes – small enough to be put in the pocket or briefcase and large enough to be a small container similar to the briefcase.

Best Practices for Cigar Storage with Tobacco Boxes

Seasoning the Humidor

Originally, to ensure the right level of humidity in tobacco, a new humidor before cigars are placed in it, the latter requires seasoning. This is done by introducing distilled water or a humifying solution to the internal environment of the box and waiting for it to ACCLIMATIZE for 24-48 hours.

Maintaining Humidity Levels

Notify the status of the internal humidity levels in the constructed tobacco box by incorporating a hygrometer. Try to control the setting of the humidification device to the highest or lowest level, depending on the desired level of relative humidity and the present humidity level in relation to temperature and air currents.

Rotating Cigars

To make sure all cigar ages evenly and there wouldn’t be a concentration of dampness in some areas, one should always swap the position of the cigars every now and then within the tobacco box. This also ensures that the next batch has the same taste delivery as the batch before it and it acts as a shield against mold formation or producing uneven burns.

Avoiding Overcrowding

Do not fill the tobacco box to the brim this is because when the box is full it does not allow air to circulate freely and this brings about accumulation of moisture. It is wise to avoid placing cigars heavily on one another to allow for sufficient space for proper aeration which helps in the aging and preservation of the cigars.

Regular Maintenance

To maintain the functional attribute of the tobacco box, it is recommended that one should occasionally clean the interior of the tobacco box by wiping up the inner surface with a piece of cloth soaked in warm water with a teaspoon of mild detergent; check the seals and hinges for damages and consider lubricating occasionally. It is necessary to replace the humidity devices and seals when they cant operate properly.


Tobacco boxes thus give the cigar connoisseur a noble and efficient way for storing their cigars and aging them at the same time. To smoke cigars, they recommend using C48 tobacco boxes that help keeps the production in perfect conditions of humidity as well as temperature for the best smoking experience. Cigars need a proper humidor and it depends on the extent of the collection – from a small humid desk for personal cigars to a glass cabinet for a large collection of Havana cigars, it is recommended to opt for a quality tobacco box.

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