Best Sun Protection for Cars

Without a windshield shade, the summer months are brutal for your car. High temperatures and UV rays can overheat your car’s interior and damage and discolor your dashboard and seats, which is why quality sun protection for cars is essential. Check out these durable, top-selling sun shades that offer maximum defense from the sun.

Dash Designs The Shade

The Shade is an innovative custom windshield sun shade that’s retractable and easy to use. Simply attach the shade to the passenger’s side of the windshield with the heat-safe 3M foam tape and stick the mounting bracket on the driver’s side of the windshield.    To use The Shade, pull it across the windshield and hook it to the bracket on the driver’s side. When you’re done with it, just unhook it and retract it back to the polycarbonate casing. At only 1.5 inches wide when retracted, The Shade is barely noticeable and won’t obstruct your view while you drive.

The Shade will keep your car’s interior up to 50 degrees cooler and help it stay looking brand new. Its unmatched UV protection comes from the powerfully reflective material. You don’t even have to worry about trying to find the right size for your vehicle because each shade is customized to fit your car. Because customers always come first, The Shade is affordably priced and comes with a two-year warranty.

WeatherTech TechShade

WeatherTech’s TechShade really is built for all kinds of weather. The shade’s high level of reflection directs the sun’s heat and UV rays away from your vehicle, reducing sun damage and making driving in triple-digit heat a little more bearable. In addition to protecting your car Fast forward to the chilly winter months, and all you have to do is turn the shade over so it can absorb the sun’s heat and give you a warmer car and frost-free windshield. 

Tips to protect your car from the sun:

Well, these are the tips that you should adopt to protect your car interior and exterior from the heat of the sun:

  • You have to park your car inside the shade, if it’s not an option for you, then buy the best car covers. You should aim for the Kayme Four Layers Waterproof Car Covers, that is suitable for all Weather
  • You ought to use a windshield sun protector.
  • You ought to install the car seat covers such car covers not only protect your leather seat but also keep them cool
  • You ought to wash and dry often your car.
  • You should have to check the pressure of your car tire, you have to follow the tire pressure than recommended by manufacturers

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Your car’s rearview mirror and the shade’s suction cup help the TechShade stay in place, and it quickly rolls up and remains closed thanks to the Velcro band. Just slide it on the floor until the next time you need it. Every TechShade is customized to fit the car you drive, guaranteeing an exact fit.

Carhartt UV Custom Windshield Sun Shade

Carhartt’s UV Custom Windshield is a popular sun shade that is built for long-lasting, dependable protection. It’s held in place by your visors and is custom-made to ensure complete coverage. In fact, this shade is so effective that it can decrease your car’s interior temperature by up to 40 degrees.    The reflective top side is composed of three layers on top of foam that acts as insulation. Around the trim and on the other side, you’ll find premium felt that is stylish and won’t scratch your car. The shade folds up nicely for easy storage and is backed by a one-year warranty.

For added sun protection, purchase one of the heavy-duty dash covers for trucks and cars to go along with your sun shade, and your car’s interior will be the best-looking (and coolest) around. Call customer service today to order custom sun protection for your vehicle. 

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