Best Solution to Convert OLM to PST with Attachments

If you are an Outlook user, then you will be aware of OLM and PST,  Both are popular files for users to manage important information provided by Outlook. Either for Mac users or Windows users. Users store Mac Outlook data in OLM files and for storing a copy of data on the configured system from Outlook, they use PST files. Sometimes users want to switch from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows but due to several reasons, they are unable to do it so let’s understand the right way to convert OLM to PST with attachments. 

What are the OLM and PST Files?

If you want to understand the procedure of converting OLM to PST then firstly you have to understand the Role of OLM and  PST files. 

OLM File: OLM files are used to store important emails and Important data for MAC Outlook like Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. This file is only for Mac users. 

PST Files: PST file stands for Personal Storage Table. This file is used to store calendars, events, contacts, and email messages. These files are used by MS Outlook users. 

Reasons for Convert OLM to PST 

If you got the role of OLM and PST File, Now you have to understand the reasons behind it. There are several reasons to change OLM to PST which are given below; 

  • Users know the OLM file is only for Mac users. If they want to send a Mac Outlook mailbox data to another location then they have to convert OLM files to another file.
  • Outlook for Windows is more up-to-date. That’s why users who want to move their data from Outlook to Mac have more features. 
  • If users want to access and manage both mailboxes at the same time and the same place they have to convert the OLM file to PST.

Methods to Convert OLM to PST Format

If you understand the reasons for converting OLM to PST. Now you will get all the methods for converting the process. There are two methods for OLM file to PST One is the manual method and the other is the automation method. 

Converting OLM to PST File by Using Manual Method 

There are a few steps to follow for changing OLM to PST file in a manual method which are given below:

Step 1: In this method firstly you need your Gmail ID to start migrating OLM files data to PST file format.

  • Log in to your Gmail account with your email credentials.
  • Open the setting Icon, forwarding, and POP tab to enable IMAP action.
  • Click the tab to save changes. 
  • Open your Outlook for Mac, enter in preferences then select accounts.
  • You need to just click on the plus sign to select a new account and enter the Gmail address. 
  • Enter the password and click the action button. 
  • Set up your email tab and click for continued access.  
  • Then, you will get a message about your browser opening then sign in to Google 
  • Once again submit your credentials and verify your details.
  • Click the tab for allow, now confirmation box will open on the screen and 
  • Click on the MS Outlook tab 
  • In the final process click on the Done button then you will see your Gmail account added to Mac Outlook successfully

Step 2: Now we will Import OLM file data into the Email account in a few steps which are given below: 

  • On your PC Open Mac Outlook. 
  • Then Go to the left panel, here you will get the configured Gmail ID. 
  • Use drag and drop for OLM file data in Gmail ID and you will see You have moved data completely.

Step 3: After completing these processes we have to sync the same email account in Outlook for Windows which is given below:

  • Firstly start Windows Outlook and click on the file, then
  • Go to the add  action option 
  • Next, Enter your email address and click Connect.
  • Then, enter the password and click Connect again.
  • You will get a message that shows the account successfully added. 
  • Then press for done. 

Step 4: Now, go for the final process of OLM emails stored in the Gmail account into PST format. 

When you add your gmail account to MS Outlook then open it and verify data. Then go to the file and OLM for the open & and export in import /export action.

  • Select the file and click the next tab
  • Choose the PST file and tab net button then 
  • You have to select the Gmail ID containing your OLM file data and click next.
  • Click the tab for browse to set the path for the Output folder and finish by click button
  • click the tab browsing to set the Path for the Output folder and click the finish button to complete this procedure of converting OLM to PST 

Limitation of Manual method 

When you are using a manual process then obviously limitations will exist with the manual method and some chances and risks will have to be faced during operation. 

Which is given below: 

  • The manual method takes time and works slowly. 
  • You can’t miss a single step during operations 
  • This method is more complex than other methods
  • Some steps need technical expertise
  • You have to take the risk of data loss or removing it
  • Once your data has been lost there is no guarantee
  • You can move a limited no. of mailbox

Convert OLM to PST by Automation Method

If you are looking for a direct and risk-free process then you can use OLM to PST Converter. This tool works easily and allows you to import single and multiple OLM files to PST file format. This tool is user-friendly to use and there is no need for any technical user. You can easily convert  OLM to PST. 

Some Benefits of Using This Automated Tool

  • You can use a new folder after conversing OLM to PST. 
  • This tool allows users to import OLM files to Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, and any other email clients. 
  • This tool saves single and multiple OLM files to Outlook PST file format.
  • This tool converts OLM to MBOX, PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, PNG, etc. 
  • This tool helps show the preview of Outlook Mailbox Items in detail before OLM to PST Conversion.
  • This tool can open easily in all Mac versions and converted PST files can easily open in Outlook versions like 2021, 2019,2016,2010, etc 

The procedure of Using OLM to PST Converter

For converting OLM to PST you need to follow a few steps which are given below; 

  • Firstly install and run the OLM convert tool
  • Select the single files to browse OLM files and click next
  • Select the folder where you want to convert the OLM file data
  • Select the saving format as Outlook PST then 
  • Proceed for important features and set the destination path 
  • Then select the tab for OLM to PST conversion


In this blog, I hope you understand the manual method that allows you to convert OLM to PST  format in just simple steps. And automation tool method which is directly processed for you.  Now it depends upon you try the manual or automation solution to import your OLM file to PST format. I would suggest automation tool will give you a better experience of the manual process. 

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