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A will or trust is a legal document in which you manage how your property and assets will be distributed after your death and distribution in the family. Having a will assures that your assets are distributed the way you decided. 

It also includes setup for taking care of your minor child, family members, and pets and distribution of your property and assets. 

Also, Now you can make your will on your own as there are many online will-making software available on the web and that makes it hard to find the best online will-making software. 

Here we will discuss some of the top-class online will-making software in detail. 

Benefits Of Online Will-making Software

This software helps in managing and distributing your assets among your family members and your loved ones to take care of them after your death. So that they will not face any problems regarding your assets after you.

For making a will you visit the attorney’s office and pay a high rate for an hour. But rather than this, you can make your will online which will help you to make it more comfortable. And it will charge a reasonable price. 

Also for making a will you should have detailed information about your assets, personal properties, insurance, bank account, etc., and identify a receiver for each. 

Here are some top online will making software that will help you in making a will for your loved ones

  • Quicken Willmaker & Trust
  • Fabric
  • Legal Zoom
  • LawDepot
  • US Legal Wills
  • Rocket Lawyer
  • Trust & Will

Top Online Will making Software:

Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2021

It is the easiest way to create your estate plan if you are starting or want to update it. This software consults you on how to make it from start to beginning., gives you all practical and legal information for making the best decision for you and your family. Also, you can gather detailed information from the quicken willmaker review. 

It is easy and has a gradual interview setup that lets you do it at your place. You’ll pay $99 to download for 2021 version. 

Currently, the company is offering a great discount of upto 40% Off on its products. By using the quicken will maker & trust coupon code you too can avail of this discount easily.


Fabric online will-maker is easy to use for everyone whether you are new to the will-making process. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the process of making a will. It is free software to use that costs nothing.  And it also supports an option to talk to a non-attorney agent.

It is very easy to understand and has a very modern design that helps you in making your will more easily and comfortably. Whether it is a free service but it sells life insurance policy for a range of prices.

Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom provides an independent attorney which is well-informed about laws in your state. At the starting of the will-making process, there is a site’s self questionary if you go through the questions you will reach the attorney. After you finish the will Legal Counsel is also available to help you to make updates. Prices start at $89.


LawDepot helps you to create a document as in as 5 minutes.  If you have any query you can call, email, or chat online by the site help center.  You can create a will by starting a free trial which gives free access to the will for one week.  You can download more than 150 templates that are usable in 50 states. You have to pay $33 for a month and you can cancel anytime. 

US Legal Wills

For setting particular guidelines for your loved ones, you can create will from US Legal Wills.  This will ask questions about your estate which will be used by the executor to distribute your assets.  You can also add additional features like mirror capability that lets you share information between spousal accounts. You have to pay $39.99 with additional charges like setting power of attorney and storing the will for a longer time.

Rocket Lawyer

When you are not sure that what you will include in your will then Rocket Lawyer will help you with the templates which will be personalized with your situation. This application will help you to decide what to include in your will. You have to pay $39.99 for the subscription.

Trust & Will

This site provides specific instructions and you will be able to create a will in just 10 minutes. Will starts at $59 for an individual and $159 for a couple. 

Online Will/Trust Making Software: Review

So creating a will by using online software is easy and at a reasonable price. They provide all the legal information according to the laws of the state which makes it easy for you to make a will.

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