Benefits of taxi app solutions for your online taxi booking startup

If you are seeking a profitable business startup then you can consider starting a taxi booking startup. Now, the first question in mind comes, why go for the taxi business and compete with big giants like Ola and Uber. Without a doubt, we can say that Ola and Uber got tremendous success but the basic reason behind this incredible success is the mobile application. So as a startup business you can take inspiration from that and start your first step in the same direction. 

According to one of the reports, it has been found that 80% of the people choose Uber and Ola as compared to booking a taxi traditionally. 

Let’s go ahead with some additional stats here. According to the Forbes study, Uber has already served about 2 billion rides across the globe, generating a profit of about $20 million in this process.

Before mobile apps take place in taxi booking services, we had only limited options: call a taxi agency or an individual driver to pick you up as they were prominent at that time. Now the time has changed and with the help of mobile applications passengers are feeling more comfortable in booking a taxi from anywhere at any time.

Across the world, people prefer to choose an online taxi booking app for their taxi needs as they have fixed tariffs, but still many people are not aware of the importance of on-demand taxi booking mobile applications.

It’s a Mobile Application that Creates the Difference

It is accurate to mention that reliable and robust mobile applications are the biggest source of Ola and Uber’s success. Most of the people book a taxi through mobile applications as they can make a booking with ease just by using their handheld devices. So, before starting a taxi business, you need to choose a feature-rich mobile application. 

Based on the Statista report, the total revenue of taxi businesses using mobile apps would be USD 82,437 million in 2019 and will increase with an annual growth rate of 12.8%, and by 2023 it is expected to cover USD 133,473 million.

Till 2030 the estimated global taxi market will reach $65 billion in revenue for taxi-booking companies.

With the ease of use provided by different taxi booking applications, the number of potential customers is also increasing. You just need to connect with a professional mobile app development company to get the best mobile application for seamless performance.

How taxi app solutions are the best for online taxi booking startup

Taxi Mobile app benefit

We live in an era of technology. From health to marketplaces and hospitality to transportation – every business can put up the benefits of reliable and customized mobile applications. Cab hailing or Uber-like taxi app is very popular as more people seek convenience and comfort.

Here are some of the benefits of taxi app solutions for your online taxi booking startup:

1. Leverage automation and cut down costs

Using mobile applications for a taxi booking startup automates the whole process of booking and helps both drivers and passengers to connect in real-time. It increases security and provides a better user experience. An on-demand mobile app also reduces the time of arrival (ETAs) and enhances the performance of drivers along with cutting down the overhead costs that are created by managing every task on its own.

2. Maximize ROI

Many drivers and taxi businesses who have worked with big aggregator applications always complain about declining perks and heavy commissions. These are the few reasons why many taxi operators have declined for using these aggregator platforms. So, having your taxi booking software can save you by giving heavy commissions to these aggregators. 

3. Real-Time Connectivity

The allocated drivers must be aware of the exact location of their passengers. With real-time connectivity via Google maps and others, drivers and passengers both can know the exact location of each other this saves their time and make the pickup much more seamless. Traditional methods don’t allow this facility. It means that if you are not using a taxi mobile application then you are losing a huge opportunity to increase your business.

4. Higher visibility

With a mobile application, it is easy for you to enhance the visibility and reach of your business. You always get an edge over traditional taxi booking services that are not using apps for their business. Your customers always find it comfortable and easy to book cabs by using a mobile app. It also allows you to stay connected with your customers as long as they have your mobile application on their handheld devices. Regular updates in your mobile app, increase the visibility and make you more loyal among your customers.

5. Increase driver efficiency

Every driver is unique and has different driving capabilities, so it is vital to track and manage their efficiency and productivity. Unlike traditional taxi booking system, mobile-based taxi booking offers a feedback option or ask riders regarding their experiences with the particular driver. So, with the on-demand taxi mobile app development, service providers can track the customer track, the exact time of booking and monitor everything about the drivers.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Booking experience that is offered through a mobile app to the customer is much faster and intuitive than using the traditional method of calling a taxi booking office or go there physically for booking. The adoption and fame of taxi booking applications around the globe is en evidence that users get a superior experience of booking through a mobile app. Using an application for your taxi booking startup helps you to provide much more satisfaction to the customers and make them your regular passengers.

7. Data collection

Don’t think more about choosing taxi booking app development as you get the valuable data of the app users. Because the app users register themselves via mobile numbers and email ids. Also, it will help you will get the data on trip frequency, saved destinations etc. So, by using this data you can easily send notifications to your customers and give them good offers on certain rides. In this manner, a mobile app also helps you develop a big and loyal customer base.


With the inception of on-demand taxi booking applications, the method of doing business has changed drastically. So, in this competitive era if you are a start-up taxi business and not using mobile apps then it would be a tiresome task of getting customers, showing your vehicle, negotiating prices and fares, also the growth of your business. With a reliable and robust taxi booking mobile application you can increase your ROI, improve services and customer satisfaction.

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