Beard Wax, Oil, and Balm: Difference and Uses

We value the hair on our heads. That’s why we take good care of it and invest in the right products for maintaining it. Secondly, we find pleasure in washing it using shampoo then conditioning it and finally styling it. The same care should be extended to our facial hair. More people are embracing beards and that’s why companies are coming up with products such as wax, oil, and balm that makes it easy to care for your beard. Let’s look at the differences and uses of the products mentioned above to help you take better care of your beard. 

A.    Beard Oil 

Did you know that as beard hair grows, it becomes coarser and curlier compared to the hair on your head? That means that it needs more nutrients than your head hair. Thus, beard oil hydrates and conditions your beard and the skin beneath it. 

When you incorporate this oil into your beard care routine, you will notice your beard becoming softer, more moisturized, and manageable. 

If you have a beard, you can attest to the fact that it usually becomes itchy when it starts to grow back. Beard oil helps to eliminate this itchiness. 

Your beard hair can also become longer, thicker, and with less split ends.

The benefits of the oil are tied to the ingredients used to make them. There are several types of beard oil, but they all consist of both essential oils and carrier oils. Some of the most common carrier oils include grape seed, castor oil, and jojoba oil. Sandalwood, eucalyptus and fir needle are examples of essential oils used. 

B.     Beard Wax

A beard wax does the same job as the oil; it moisturizes the hair, softens it, and gives it volume. The difference comes in its consistency and the ingredients used. Beard wax is thicker than balm and oil and so it takes a long time for your hair to absorb it. When it stays long in your hair, it makes it softer and shinier for an extended period. 

If you are primarily looking for an excellent product for styling your beard hair, then you should go for a wax. That is why it is highly recommended for those with long beards since it makes it easy to style them which is usually a challenge with long beard hair. However, you can still use it even if you have short beard hair. 

A sealant and a moisturizing product are used to make beard wax. The most common moisturizer used is shea butter while beeswax is one of the most popular sealants found in beard waxes. The wax helps in styling beard hair. Therefore, you should have this when learning how to shape your beard

It contains a higher level of beeswax compared to bail and oil. Other ingredients in it include carrier oils like coconut oil and lanolin in some brands. 

C.    Beard Balm

A balm helps to condition, moisturize, soften, and add volume to your beard hair. There are four main ingredients which are normally used to create a beard balm. These include carrier oils, essential oils, sealant, and a moisturizing product. Beeswax is mostly used as the sealant and shea butter as the moisturizer. 

If you want a healthy-looking beard, then go for a balm. A beard balm has more concentration of shea butter and carrier oils and less beeswax. That is why it is perfect for shorter beards because it will still nourish the hair but is not as strong as the beard wax. 


As you may have noticed, a beard wax, oil, and balm have many similar ingredients in them. However, the concentration in them varies. This means that you don’t have to use only one of them. You can have all three for various purposes and occasions to keep your beard looking neat, healthy, stylish, and make it easy to manage. 

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