All you should know about follicular unit extraction treatment

Follicular unit extraction is a method for transplanting hair that is becoming increasingly popular. If you get FUE hair re-growth or follicular unit extraction treatment, you can have many benefits.

What does FUE mean?

Follicular unit extraction treatment is a method for restoring hair that can help you get your hair back. The surgeon will do the surgery by removing single hair follicles from the patient’s head and putting them in the bald spots. During the process, the hair follicle is taken out with tiny punches. The surgeon will check if the patient is healthy enough for surgery.

How does FUE hair replacement work?

The follicular unit extraction takes a lot of time and must be done carefully. Here is what will happen during the surgery.

  • Evaluation:

The surgeon will check the patient’s ability to move, their position, the donor area, the length of the hair follicles, and a lot more. The surgeon also checks to see if the patient has retrograde alopecia on their head. This helps the doctor figure out how many donor areas there are.

  • Preparations:

Before beginning hair replacement surgery, the patient will get a shot of local anaesthesia. The surgeon will also shave the donor area and the recipient area.

  • Hair grafts are taken out:

To remove the hair shaft, the surgeon will make a tiny cut on the donor area that is 1 mm wide. After the incision, the surgeon will separate a graft and remove the follicular unit from the head. So the surgeon can remove all the other hair follicular units. After pulling out the follicles, the doctor will put them all in a solution to keep them safe.

  • Putting a hair shaft in the head:

The surgeon will pause after removing the hair to insert the follicular unit into the head. Through very little incisions, the surgeon will insert the hair follicles. The surgeon will bandage the head after placing the follicles into the scalp.

The FUE method is meant to work on the following:

The FUE process is used to grow hair back on the scalp of a person losing hair or going bald.

The advantages of FUE treatment:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a technique for restoring a fuller, more natural-looking head of hair.

Learn the fantastic things FUE hair transplants can do for you.

More gain at less pain:

Unlike older ways of getting hair back, an FUE treatment doesn’t cause much pain. Long-acting anaesthetics are used to numb your scalp during the procedure, and most patients say that OTC pain relievers like acetaminophen/Tylenol are enough the night after their treatment. After 24 hours, almost all patients say they are no longer in pain. 

No big scars:

People choose FUE over other options because it doesn’t leave a (linear) scar on your head. The problem with most other hair replacement methods is that they leave a big scar on the back of the head in the shape of a line. But this isn’t the case with FUE because it is a very sophisticated process.

A quick recovery:

In the beginning, hair transplants aren’t very stable, and the results aren’t always good. But things have changed since doctors started to use FUE. This method works very well and is very trustworthy. One of the best things about an FUE graft is how quickly it heals. Before, it could take months for a wound to heal, and now, it only takes a week. The person can’t return to normal life until a week after the hair transplant.

No stitching:

FUE hair transplant is a process that doesn’t hurt at all. After the procedure, you won’t need stitches. Because of technological changes, a hair transplant can now be done easily and without pain. After the process, you can even have short hair, and no one will know your hair was transplanted.

Consistent results:

The effects of FUE surgery are natural and last a long time. The uniformity of this process is known all over the world. Doctors can also change how your hair grows and put your hair follicles in a way that gives you a full head of hair.

Reduce the chance of infection:

Some hair transplant methods can leave the patient with an infection, but this doesn’t happen after follicular unit extraction. It won’t hurt at all during this process.

Large area covered: 

Most of your bare scalp can be covered using the FUE hair procedure. As a result, the hair growth will be reasonable, and the outcome will be superior to other techniques. This is because hair follicles are successfully gathered from the entire bare scalp.

Hair quality:

Your transplanted hair looks and feels the same as your original hair. No one can tell the difference because everything will just work out. If you want to look younger and stop going bald, follicular unit extraction is the best way.

Final Thoughts:

FUE Technology is one of the most precise, fastest, and consistent ways to do hair transplants. We hope this article helped you figure out if this treatment is right for you. 

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