Adani Green Ranked Among Top 10 RE Companies Globally for Its Outstanding ESG Performance

Adani Green Energy Limited, India’s largest renewable power producer, has been ranked first in Asia and among the top 10 global companies in the renewable energy sector by the ISS ESG. The company was founded by Gautam Adani and has been recognised as a Prime (B) band in the energy and utility sector because of its sustainable practices and transparency while carrying out its operations. This considerable milestone takes AGEL a step ahead towards its goal of being rated as one of the top 10 ESG companies in the world. The company has already been ranked in the list of top 10 companies in the renewable energy sector by Sustainalytics in FY23.

The History of AGEL:

 AGEL has an impeccably extensive operating renewable portfolio in India with a capacity of 8,216 MW. The company is always aiming to expand its renewable energy capacity. With the series of sustainable initiatives being taken up by the Gautam Adani-led company, AGEL, drastic climate changes can be put under control. AGEL also encourages the people of India to involve themselves in sustainable practices rather than depleting the environment of its non-renewable sources. The initiative also addresses the various environmental risks through dedicated systems.

Adani Group plans to expand its energy sector and acquire the desired recognition on a global scale. It believes in including ESG principles in its business strategy. By adding ESG to its principles, the conglomerate aims to form a strong culture and build long-term values for the organisation. This can be achieved by managing risk, identifying opportunities and safeguarding the interest of the company’s stakeholders. The initiatives of AGEL have a significant role to play in helping our country fulfil its decarbonisation goals.

The Four Pillars of ESG Framework:

AGEL firmly abides by the four pillars of the ESG framework: policies, commitment, assurance, and guiding principles. This ensures that the goals and achievements of the company align with those of the UN Global Compact, Indian Business and Biodiversity Initiatives, UN Sustainable Goals, and Green Bond Principles. Gautam Adani also aims to take his company to the list of the top 10 companies in the world in the energy utility sector by FY25. The ESG ratings provide performance assessments to companies operating in the energy sector. It is based on over 700 industrial standard indicators and 100 social, environmental and governance-related indicators.

 AGEL’S Initiatives Towards a More Sustainable India:

AGEL has already implemented several health and safety management systems certified as per ISO 45001 standards. The company also ensures that all its employees follow a particular code of conduct while managing business operations. Adani Green has also developed and maintained various solar and wind projects over the past decade. The energy produced is supplied to multiple state and central government entities and corporations. This paves the way towards a sustainable India and also helps in the fulfilment of the sustainable goals of the country.

Adani Green also aims to achieve a renewable energy capacity of 45 GW renewable energy capacity by 2030, and seeing the pace at which the company is progressing, it seems pretty achievable. This is going to take India to the peak of success on a global scale. The company has set a benchmark for itself in terms of performance, efficiency, and capacity development. Because of these initiatives, the company’s net profit rose drastically over the last few years, and the shares of Adani Green Energy also reached new heights. The noble initiatives of Gautam Adani are also being recognized by environmentalists worldwide.

With the world facing multiple challenges concerning reaching sustainable goals, AGEL has taken up a massive role in leading the path towards positive change. The company is dedicated to fulfilling the ESG principle. This reflects the commitment of the company to building a sustainable nation. The initiatives taken up by AGEL towards a cleaner and greener India have also offered the company the desired excellent growth and financial stability in the long run. The Indians will also be made aware of various sustainable practices, and India will become a better place to live.


Environmentalists from all across the world have praised the constant efforts by AGEL in sustainability. The company has also received recognition on various platforms because of its consistent rankings. AGEL is also developing innovative, ecologically leading solutions to help deal with water scarcity, climate change, and increased use of non-renewable resources.

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