About the Future of Digital Marketing From a Former Translator

In simple terms, digital marketing is all that we do to hold a sale on the Internet. As soon as you have written in your status in the social network “Girls, sign up for the nails” – you have already plunged into internet marketing.

Before I worked in the field of translation, I had (and have now) a small translation agency of my own. It all started with the fact that I began working on a website for it.

Then I did a training course for beginner translators and started trying to promote it on the Internet. It also required a website, traffic, and other marketing charms. So gradually, I moved from transfers to Internet promotion.

About the Future of Digital Marketing From a Former Translator

The difficulties of all are almost the same. First, it is fear. Fear of offering people to buy. Fear of spending money and not making money. Fear of going into a broad niche where “everything is occupied long ago and shared.” After the fear comes what I call the “unrecognized genius complex.”

It is when you have already more or less figured out what is there on the Internet, and you realize that the “great gurus” whom you used to bow to are no better than you. However, the trouble is they all know them, and they all get paid. And you are an “unrecognized genius,” and for some reason, no one pays any attention to you.

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There is a risk to break down and start to throw mud at all (like “open people’s eyes”). It is gruesome and dangerous. It is necessary to outgrow this stage as soon as possible. Then new challenges come – managing people, big money (conditionally). You need to be able to force yourself to work in the “satiety” mode. There are difficulties at each stage.

My focus now is learning how to create and promote a website. I show people that I was able to develop a site from scratch up to 5,000 unique target visitors per day for free — and telling them how they can do the same.

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All my courses are so keenly otherwise related to what I call “no contact sales.” In other words, it is content marketing. When we take a potential cold customer and using the right content, we do three things:

  1. Attract him to the funnel
  2. We entertain/teach (warm-up)
  3. Sell

We do it with the help of various tools – SEO articles, webinars, virus Facebook posts, emails, videos, and others. However, the essence is always the same. I show a common goal to which we are going, tell separately about webinars, individually about SEO and so on. Then a person collects all this oneself in the funnel, like Lego.

Selling your courses, (selling content using content) is a severe type of internet marketing. Therefore, I believe that I regularly practice and develop this topic.

I will not be original. Content rules the world. Then it will order more and more. Moreover, SEO content will take a special place. The fact that now almost no one knows how to do it usually (but it is necessary to learn).

I am not planning to change the market. I instead want to have time to get into an uptrend. It is the fact that the right content is not just “educating” or simply “selling.”

The right commercial content is when we combine entertainment and sales with the same text. And I want to do this most simply – to write a book, call it “no contact sales,” and promote it well with the help of my publishing resources.

Well, except for the classic “start.” Here are three things that helped me the most in life:

1. Always choose a job between work and non-work. If you are not getting a payment yet, but they agree to work with you only for the feedback – work for the feedback. If you do not even want to give feedback, work for free.

2. Do everything at the same time. No need to choose where to start – from the website or the direct, from the contactor the Instagram – you have to do everything at the same time, and then at least something, let it shoot.

3. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not be afraid to “overstrain.” Do not worry that for such a massive amount of work you get too little exhaust. You will get a payment for any work eventually, even after a few years.

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Melisa Marzett is a digital marketing specialist, disclosed pitfalls of the occupation, how to create a funnel system. Currently working as a freelance writer for re write paper here, she is eager to talk about the future of business promotion online.

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