9 Popular Multi-Functional Printer Features

You must consider a few multifunction printer features to determine which all-in-one printer best suits your printing requirements. In all the printer’s operations, some features can be useful. Others, though, might increase productivity for a specific function.

An MFP is a device that combines the functions of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into a single unit. For businesses bidding to combine resources, cut expenses, and enhance workflow, multifunction printers are a popular solution. Therefore, this post describes 9 popular multi-functional printer features to manage your business operations.

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With the help of multifunction printers, you may combine several office activities into a single machine, saving time and money. Your need for single-capability equipment like scanners and fax machines can be eliminated, or at the very least, decreased if you have a multipurpose printer. Removing the need for individual device supplies also helps your business save money and office space. We’ll look at a few things below that you should consider while selecting a multifunction printer for your office.

Here are the 9 things you need to be aware of when purchasing a multifunction printer.

1. Fast Print Speed

The print speed rating of a printer is crucial. Consider investing in a multifunction printer with a minimum print speed of 20 black-and-white pages or 10 color pages per minute. Especially when printing numerous documents, a long printing time can be annoying.

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2. Efficient Duty Cycle

The maximum number of pages printers print each month is known as a duty cycle. The duty cycle of office printers ought to be higher than that of home printers. The optimal printers are a home printer with a duty cycle of 5,000 pages and an office printer with a duty cycle of 20,000–25,000 pages.

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3. Low Ink Replacement Cost

How much would you be willing to spend to replace your multifunction printer’s ink? Comparing the toner or ink cartridge’s yield is recommended. By subtracting the cost of the cartridge from its anticipated yield, you may get the cost per page. The price of colored cartridges should be added.

4. High Scanner Resolution

To reproduce high-quality documents, you require a scanner with a low resolution of 1200 x 600. The greatest option for office owners is a scanner with a resolution of 4800 x 4800 because it can produce excellent-quality photographs.

5. Quick Copy Speed

The production speed is important for making copies of an image after the scanner has duplicated it. Your productivity will suffer if you have a slow printer because it will take a long time to print several copies. Consequently, pick a printer that can copy documents at a rate of at least 25 pages per minute.

6. Automatic Document Feeder

It is not advisable to manually scan each page of a fax document one at a time when sending a fax. Add a document feeder that automatically updates to provide better document management. The feeder tray only has to be filled with paper stacks.

7. Biometrics or ID card Reader

You could want to add a security element to shared offices or bigger buildings to reduce the amount of paper and ink used. If you think you could be copying or scanning sensitive information or are concerned about data loss, you should use a fingerprint scanner or ID card reader.

8. OCR and PDF Enhancements

Nothing is more annoying than sifting through a big PDF because the content isn’t searchable. The optical character recognition (OCR) software is built into Konica Minolta’s multifunction printer and scanner sets. Additionally, you can save to PDF/ or encrypted PDF. With just a few clicks, your papers can be made secure, searchable, and ready to be pasted into Word or HTML.

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9. Wi-Fi Compatibility

Get a printer that can print several things and has Wi-Fi. It can be set up to work on a wireless network in a house or office. Check whether the multifunction printer has an integrated network card that can be wired to a network port if Wi-Fi is not supported.

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In a workplace where papers are faxed, copied, printed, and scanned, multifunction printer features are excellent. It is appropriate for a small company with constrained office space. You can save time and money by purchasing a high-quality multifunction printer. Therefore, you must now consult the best printer firm to boost your business revenues.

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