8 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

There are two ways to expand your company. The first step is to find new clients. The second strategy is to concentrate on maintaining current customers and enhancing their lifetime value (CLV). Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a critical measure for many firms, and increasing it is a top priority. Increased revenue, new business prospects, and the ability to increase CLV can be a cornerstone of sales and marketing strategy if done correctly. Fortunately, we’ll show you how to improve it in eight simple measures.

Streamline the Onboarding Process


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Customer onboarding should never be viewed as a nuisance or an inconvenient procedure with no actual purpose. It makes a strong argument, and if executed well, it has the ability to provide you an edge over your competitors. The first advantage is that you will receive references. 

Consumers are accustomed to purchasing a product from a company and never hearing from them again until they ask for assistance or the company tries to offer them something else. They will be amazed and happy if you go above and above to welcome the new customer in, get them set up with your product, assist them get to know you and your company better, and ensure their contentment. They’ll spread the word about you to everyone they know, and they’ll actively encourage others to collaborate with you.

Provide Solutions to your Clients

solving problem

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Give them something that will make their lives easier on a regular basis, in addition to your actual goods. Understand your customer, then develop something that will make their life easier. For instance if you own a café and customers are complaining of discomfort when sited on your chairs, provide a comfortable sitting experience with chairs from the best café chair manufacturer. When you get this right, your customer comes to rely on you for more than simply your product or service, making you nearly irreplaceable.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

customer service

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Customer service is an investment that will help your company expand and retain customers. Customers will defect to competitors if your service is below average, even if your product is above average. According to studies, after a single bad customer service experience, one-third of customers are likely to switch brands. As a result, excellent customer service outsourcing is critical. A better customer experience is a result of greater customer service. As a result, your current customers will be more likely to become committed long-term customers.

Develop Relationships


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Customer relationships are crucial to your business’s long-term survival, with weak ties accounting for 16 percent of typical customer attrition. It’s critical to maintain a good bond with customers throughout the customer journey and during all of your encounters with them. The idea is to make them feel heard and valued while also reassuring them that they are working with a proactive and professional team. Discover your audience’s feelings and expectations by getting to know them. In this case, surveying your clients would offer you with a wealth of information, allowing you to better deliver on your promises.

Listen to your Customers and Gather Useful Feedback


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When  a customer is pleased with their experience they are more likely to return. It’s difficult to grow a business without first discovering what your consumers think of you. On the other side, learning through comprehensive, actionable feedback is a much simpler procedure.

Understanding your consumers allows you to focus on the areas of your company that drive customer happiness and revenue growth while reducing unproductive techniques. It also provides accurate information on the likelihood of existing customers recommending your product or service to their peers.

Stay in Touch with your Customers

stay in touch

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Customers will not return to your business if they do not recognize you. It’s critical to communicate with your consumer base in order to maintain your brand front of mind. Email marketing is a powerful tool for keeping in touch with clients for internet businesses.

A monthly newsletter, for example, might go a long way toward building a relationship with your clients. Regular email interactions allow you to stay in touch with customers and deliver value outside the context of a purchase. When done correctly, email marketing can generate a significant return on investment, driving sales and increasing order value over time.

Create a Program for Referrals


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Referral programs are simple to start up in almost any business, whether it is entirely online or has a physical location. It’s a great, low-cost technique to boost CLV once it’s set up. One of the most potent kinds of marketing is generally regarded as word of mouth. When someone tells you that a company, product, or service is worthwhile, it’s usually because it’s worthwhile to them as well. When someone discovers something valuable, they want to share their discovery with others. This means that, if done correctly and with enough current goodwill and sentiment among your consumers, you may turn your customer base into a low-cost sales and marketing tool.

Provide Personalized Upselling and Cross-selling Services

Cross-selling Services

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When you propose a more expensive product, add-on, or upgrade to a consumer, you’re upselling them on their purchase. Cross-selling encourages clients to buy a product that is similar or related to their current purchase. For example, if you sell respirators, you can encourage your customers to buy hand sanitizers as well since both come in handy especially in the fight against Covid-19. Both selling strategies allow you to provide customized recommendations and appeal to your customers’ interests. This is a wonderful approach to encourage visitors to browse your site, discover new products, and add more items to their cart, raising each customer’s average order value, which is a key factor for increasing your general Customer Lifetime Value.


You must go above and beyond what the average consumer expects if you want to establish a business based on loyal consumers and brand advocates. Brand loyalty, like any other asset, isn’t free. But, like anything worthwhile in life (or business), it requires effort.

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