8 Most Popular io Games List That People Like Most

Online games have become very popular among people of all age groups in the past many years. Today, people play online games to enjoy as well as pass their time. When it comes to games that have gained immense popularity, it’s none other than io games. Io games are famous among many today. Io games were launched in 2015 by a 19 year old Brazilian boy, Matheus Valadares, who was a developer. Since then, this category of games have become too well known among children and adults. 

To clarify, we will first discuss what are io games and its features. io games are web browser games that are easy to access, understand and play. It comes with simple graphics and engaging features. Moreover, io games include virtual multi players competing against each other. io is basically a top level domain, which is used for British Indian Ocean territory, however it can be accessed anywhere and is not confined to any geographical area. 

In this article, we will discuss 8 most popular io games that are loved by many and some of them are a part of io games unblocked list. 

1. Agar.io 

This game is one of the first and most popular and well known io games of all time. Agar.io game comes with intense competition and entertainment, simultaneously. In this game, there is a small circular cell that has to eat other small cells, which are multi players competing against you. As your cell eats other cells, it grows bigger. It becomes difficult for a larger cell to move, hence you can split your cells into two and give a tough time to your rivals. 

2. Slither.io

This io game will take you back to the 90’s and early 2000s era when we had the game ‘Snake’ in our Nokia feature phones. Slither.io is almost the same as the game ‘snake’, with some additional features. This game involves the player to feed its snake with food, which is like small balls. This idea is the similar to the ‘Snakes’ game. Moving on, the player has to protect its snake from other snakes, which are the player’s rival. The player has to eat other snakes by biting their body and tails, and have to protect their heads from getting gnawed by other snakes. This game will not only keep you intact, but will become an addiction, which is hard to get rid of.

3. Flappyroyale.io 

This is another io game that has followed the idea of a game that had launched before. The game was known as ‘Flappy Bird’. In this game, you have to save a yellow bird ‘Flappy’ from smashing against green pipes. All you have to do is move the bird along the gaps between green pipes. This concept is exactly the same as ‘Flappy Bird’ game which was released in 2014. In Flappy Royale, you have to compete against 99 other birds, and you can only win if you survive longer than others and get more points, by moving along green pipes. 

4. Diep.io 

This game is also developed by Matheus Valadares, the one who launched Agar.io game. This game requires its player to destroy other tankers and patterns (polygons) which is infrastructure, by firing one missile at a time. The tanker controlled by the player starts to move faster, as soon as it destroys more objects and tankers. Moreover, the player can upgrade their tankers with improved shots and size, as they move ahead with the level of the game. This game is very intense and triggers excitement and rage as you play it. 

5. 2048.io 

Anyone who wants to play mathematical games involving numbers can opt for this game. There is a grid of either 4×4 or 6×6, with numbers 2 and 4. All you have to do is merge the tiles of the same number, until it adds up to 2048. When you will merge the tile of the same number, it will double the number. For example, if you merge two tiles of the number 4, it will appear as a single tile with the number 8. After that, new tile with number 8 will appear, and you have to merge it with the same number. This game is all about calculation and merging same number tile, until it adds up to 2048.   

6. Skribbl.io 

As the name suggests, this game is about drawing. You can play this game with your friends or random people, all of them should be added in the group. The player is given options to draw. Other players are supposed to guess what the drawer is drawing. They have to mention their guess in the chat box. If the players make wrong guesses, it will be visible to other players. If any player makes a correct guess, then it will be shown to other players after all the wrong guesses have been eliminated. Player who makes the correct guess and the drawer of that drawing will earn points. 

7. Tetr.io 

This game comes with a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm. In this game, the player has to merge blocks of the same color, one on the other, and then perish it. You can alter the shape and position of the blocks, according to the preceding block. Once blocks of the same color forms either a horizontal or vertical line, it will disappear. The main challenge of this game is that you cannot alter the speed of the block when it’s falling or changing shape. This game improves your time management and decision making skills simultaneously. 

8. Starve.io 

For the ones who want to experience different sort of challenges with every passing level or mode of a game can opt for this game, without any second thoughts. In this game, the player is given a character named ‘Gogy’ who has to survive in harsh climate and environment that lacks resources. The character moves along dangerous animals and insects and the player has to protect it from getting harmed. As a player, you will have to acquire resources such as food, wood, stones and swords, to survive in extreme cold and defend ‘Gogy’ being attacked by enemies including dragons. 


For people who want to enjoy and get away from their daily life stress, can play these io games, as they are simple and easy to understand and play. All of these games offer entertainment of a different level. After reading this article, we hope that you can figure out most popular io games among people. Moreover, you can also choose the game according to your preference. 


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