8 Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts to Customers and Employees

Have you ever wondered why companies offer corporate gifts to their customers and employees?

Sometimes they can be small gifts like a keychain or pen or a pair of socks with your company logo from Custom Sock Lab, but they can also be expensive gifts like a gold watch or gift certificate.

Companies have an excellent reason for investing in corporate gifts. It creates a way for them to incentivize their employees to work harder and their customers to stay loyal to their brand.

But that is only the beginning of how much it benefits these companies. Below are the top eight benefits of giving corporate gifts to customers and employees.

1) Networking

A modern company cannot survive without networking. What better way to network than to give free gifts to employees and customers?

It will make them want to connect to your business and stay in touch to learn about the latest product offerings or available job opportunities.

If you give personalized gifts, it is even better. It tells your customers and employees that you went through the trouble of considering them individually.

If your brand name or logo is printed on the gift somehow, the recipients will always be reminded of it.

2) Motivates Employees

Employees could always use a little more motivation. If you offer corporate gifts as rewards to your employees for doing a good job, they will have an incentive to work harder. The better the gifts, the harder they will work.

That does not mean you have to offer free vacations to New Zealand or something extreme like that.

Just provide a reasonably valuable gift to excite your employees enough to work harder and boost workplace productivity.

3) Budget-Friendly Advertising

Even though you must invest money to purchase corporate gifts for people, it is not a total loss. Consider it as an investment in the advertising of your company.

Each time you hand a gift to a customer or employee, you give them corporate marketing material for your company.

For instance, you could give away free t-shirts with your company’s logo printed on them. Each time a customer or employee wears the t-shirt, they will be advertising your business for free. It is almost like turning your customers and employees into walking billboards.

4) Generate More Sales

Customers are more willing to buy products or services from a company that gives them free gifts.

For instance, you could give away smaller versions of a much bigger product that is for sale. As customers experience your smaller products for free, they will feel more inclined to spend money on a larger version.

Since your customers will already know the value of what you have to offer, they will trust what you sell.

5) Brand Awareness

Brand awareness allows more people to recognize your brand name, logo, and colours when they see them displayed somewhere.

The more places you can show your brand, the more likely people are going to remember it. Corporate gifts allow you to promote your brand on a much broader scale.

As you give away t-shirts, cups, bumper stickers, hats, and pens with your brand name on them, you will increase the odds of more people seeing your brand. Eventually, your brand name will achieve widespread recognition.

6) Gain Referrals

Offer corporate gifts to your customers and employees in exchange for referrals. Each time someone refers a paying customer to your business, you can give the person a gift for the referral. 

If they are valuable gifts, then you can expect a lot more referrals to come your way.

7) Strengthens Business-to-Business Relationships

Does your business depend on its relationship with other companies and clients? If so, corporate gifts can be a fabulous way to strengthen those relationships.

You can show your clients that you value their business by rewarding them with some fine gifts. Perhaps they will give you gifts in return as well.

8) Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is what keeps a business healthy. If you do not have loyal customers, then you must search for new customers regularly.

You cannot sustain a business that way. If you want your business to grow, you need loyal customers.

Gifts will help keep customers loyal. You could even offer a free bonus gift for every purchase over $20 or something similar. Get creative with your rewards, and it will pay off for your business.

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