7 Reasons You Should Install Solar Power

Solar power can be used both in residential homes and commercial buildings. 

While you might have seen the efficacy of solar power in many houses around you. Yet you still seem skeptical about fixing your own, due to one reason or the other which may not be factual enough. 

Below are the seven reasons why you should also migrate to using solar power for your home and office too. 

 1.  Environmental Friendly

For a sustainable and green future, we should cut down on our carbon emissions.  You can only contribute to this by affixing your home, a solar power. The danger that fossils fuels emissions cause is dangerous to our environment and will be more disastrous in the nearest future. 

It is said that a typical residential building with solar power can prevent three to five tons of carbon emissions every year. The same result as the planting of 100 trees yearly.By the way, see tampa bay solar installers here for your solar installation.

 2.  Cost Less 

The cost of electricity supply to an average home is always expensive. Switching to solar power can save you more than $200  a month on your utility bill while serving you for a very long time. It would also save you from fluctuations and increases in electricity price and while solar power is very easy to maintain(monetary). 

 3.  Affordability 

The cost of maintaining electricity generated from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal is quite exorbitant. And it also not reassuring that it will still be around for a long time. 

Gone are the days why it is only the high and the mighty that uses solar panels. Solar power has now been made widely available and affordable to the general public with tax breaks from the government. While you also get paid if you supply power to the community grid. 

 4.  Increase Your Home Value

Having your home equipped with solar power will highly increase its value and sell faster than many non-solar homes. 

As most people are becoming more aware of the efficiency of solar power, many homebuyers now have a high demand for properties with solar power. 

 5.  Reduce Blackout and Brownout 

The over-reliance on the community grid could be avoided if many people choose to install solar power in their houses. By selling all extra power to the grid (you are getting paid for this though), you guarantee the stability and the longevity of the community source of power to serve other infrastructure. 

Constant blackout will be avoided and adequate security provided against man-made and natural disasters. A stressed grid is prone to too many disruptions and disservices. 

 6.  Job Creation 

More demands for solar power mean more jobs created and more jobs mean economic buoyancy. From the production, installation, and maintenance of solar panels; all required specialized skill sets. This will also help the economy by reducing the number of unemployed people in the country while still preserving the environment. 

 7.  Require Less Maintenance

You wouldn’t be needing a quick check and fix now and then. As solar panels are installed on the roof directly exposed to the sun. A solar panel produces free energy (as nobody pays the sun) and it is easy to clean and maintain as you can do all that by yourself. You may only need a professional checkup at most once in a year and this also wouldn’t even cost you your monthly utility bill. 

One important thing to consider when installing solar panels is the products that you are using. Sometimes you can choose high end solar panels if you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting system. Other times, good budget systems are able to provide the fastest ROI which is best if you’re considering moving in the future. A good example would be Jinko solar panels, you can read the full review here.


After all the above and you still doubting installing and generating your energy directly from the sun through your solar panel. You are doing yourself and the world a great disservice. Go green, preserve the globe.

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