6 Ways You Can Explore Miami

Miami is one of the many icons of our beautiful USA, one that’s definitely worth exploring in all ways possible. From famous beaches to gorgeous art and architecture, Miami has so much to offer to any traveler. If you’re preparing for your Miami adventure, here are a few practical ways you can get familiar with the city and all it has to offer: 

Hop on a bus

Probably the easiest way to get familiar with the city as soon as you arrive is to buy your tickets to a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus. These buses will drive next to all the most popular spots in Miami, such as Little Havana and South Beach. Some buses even offer nighttime rides for those who want to experience the world-famous Miami nightlife and do some partying with the locals. And the best thing is that you can do all of that at your own pace! 

6 Ways You Can Explore Miami
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Have a bike ride through South Beach

Those strapped for time can always rent a bike and explore South Beach on two wheels. Make sure to drive along the beaches, check out some amazing art in Art Deco District and stop for some beach time at Nikki Beach. Along the way, you’ll discover all of Ocean Drive, go South of Fifth, and see the Espanola Way district, Holocaust Memorial and Botanical Garden. Gorgeous beach paths will follow you all the way to South Pointe Pier. Make sure to bring your best camera and snap some photos of the beautiful pastel Art Deco buildings. 

Explore the art scene

Miami might not be known for its dedication to culture and art, but it definitely should be. While there are so many different museums in the city, you simply have to spend some time exploring the world’s most famous outdoor street galleries—the iconic Wynwood Walls. This art district is a visual masterpiece with a huge historical significance as well. 

During your tour, you’ll learn all about Miami’s art scene and enjoy the artistry of greats such as Shepard Fairey, DFace, Interesni Kaski, Retna, and the rest of the amazing street artists. You can either walk and soak up the art slowly, book a buggy tour or take things to a party level with a bike bar crawl. 

Explore the art scene
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Go restaurant hopping

A great way to get to know a place, any place, is to eat the food that’s served there. Cooking and food preparation will familiarize you with the destination’s culture, traditions and habits of the people living there. So when in Miami, make sure to skip popular fast food chains and opt for locally-prepared foods. 

Visit as many restaurants as you can, especially south Miami restaurants preparing authentic dishes infused with traditions of the American rural south and its warmth and hospitality. From lunch, brush and supper, you’ll get to feed your body and soul for the entire day in these eateries. Of course, do the exploration and enjoy quick street food snacks between the meals—damned be the diet! 

Set sail

Miami is a coastal city, so you have to do at least one sea adventure during your stay. And there’s no better way to get to know Miami’s true wealth and luxury than to check out Millionaire’s Row—one of the most extravagant areas in the States. This residential area is home to big shots like Shaquille O’Neal, P. Diddy, Gloria Estefan, etc. There are great boat tours allowing you to spot lux mansions, cars and boats from these celebrities, together with capturing spectacular views of Biscayne Bay. 

If you need some more adrenaline on the water, you can add a little bit of rush to your Miami adventure with jet ski tours. You can cruise on the water or speed through waves at head-spinning speeds, the control is 100% yours. From your jet ski, you’ll get to admire the Miami skyline and maybe even catch a glimpse of playful dolphins. 

 Explore Miami - Set sail
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Ride shotgun in a seaplane

Miami is stunning from every point of view, but the birds might just have the best perspective of the city. To see the Magic City from the sky, book a seaplane flight adventure and enjoy all the stunning views as you fly over the Miami downtown, Biscayne Bay and the rest of Florida’s Atlantic coastline. From takeoff to landing, you’re guaranteed to be left in awe! 

Take your time with Miami, because an adventure like this can’t be rushed. Use all the possible ways to explore the city and you’ll fall in love with it at every corner. 

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