6 Tips For Solo Senior Travelers

The work, as well as the responsibilities, keep us busy throughout our life.  It is in their senior years; some of us find time to fulfill our passion. Gladly, wanderlust has no age limits. If traveling solo has always been on your bucket list, it is the right time to scrap it off. With present-day technology and world-class service providers, it has become all the more convenient to go out to explore a destination all by yourself. 

If you are an elderly citizen looking forward to traveling all by yourself, there are plenty of facilities that can make your travel a smooth experience. In this article, find out some great tips that can help you with some ground preparation. 

1. Planning is the Key

Choosing a travel destination depends on your personal preferences. However, you can consider picking up places that are conducive for solo traveling. Safety and security remain the primary concern among senior travelers, so it is apt to select places that are more travel-friendly. Once you decide your destination, you can prepare a detailed itinerary by checking various travel websites and forums. You can easily equip yourself with all the nit-grits details like weather forecast, currency exchange rates, and travel regulations on your chosen destination’s official website. Right from booking travel tickets to getting travel insurance, you can sort almost all travel arrangements online.   

2. Pack Light

Our natural temptation on the holidays is to pack every little thing we think we might need on our trip. In actual practice, many of them just add to our baggage. While it is important to keep essential, it is equally necessary to not overpack. Heavy luggage can hamper the smooth navigation unless you are on a road trip where all your essentials and camping gear can conveniently fit on the roof rack storage of your car. Otherwise, dragging your bags from one place to another can be tiring, especially if you are to switch between places and various modes of transport. Begin by creating a comprehensive checklist of things you need most, try different combinations using the same clothes, and keep one pair of sturdy shoes. The pack light mindset is the first step to make your journey comfortable and self-sustained. 

3. Be Extra Vigilant 

While traveling it is always important to be extra vigilant of your traveling documents as losing them can be major trouble. Always keep a digital copy of them and prepare a small waist bag to carry essentials, cash, and cards. Securing your luggage with a chain lock while waiting at the airport can give you the liberty to move around or grab a bite. People looking vulnerable or off guard is an invitation to burglars and thieves. Therefore, maintain a strong body language and look uptight. One golden rule of staying safe is always going with your instincts if anything looks off, it probably is. 

4. Take Advantage of Concierge Services

There are plenty of assistance services at airports that cater to the needs of senior citizens. You can check with your airlines for escort pass or assisted checkouts. If you are willing to spend some extra money, you can opt for a third-party concierge service as well. These service providers take care of all the individual needs of a traveler. They also offer services like a travel buddy or a companion to assist children and seniors during their flights. Likewise, some hotels and resorts also provide personalized or attentive services keeping in mind the needs of the customers. Most of them assist in arranging porter services, transport facilities, electric wheelchair, etc for local sight-seeing, reservation, and procure tickets to tourist places. They usually don’t cost much but can save you time and add a lot of convenience to your travel plan.  

5. Take care of the Medical needs

Jet lag, change in the weather, and travel exertion can take a toll on your health. Besides carrying your prescription drugs, you can consult your doctor for some generic medication to suit your travel needs. For easy clearance at the airport pack all your medication in a clear bag and separate it from your checking luggage. Fill out in advance, a TSA certificate understating your medication needs, to get a swift security clearance. 

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6. Create a Safety Loop 

While fulfilling your wanderlust, it is equally important to stay safe all the time. During an emergency, every second is of importance. Keeping emergency contacts on a speed-dial and sharing your live location are small things that can help you take quick action. Keep your hotel and other fellow travelers in a safety loop while you are exploring on your own. Share some information and let them know the time of your return to raise the alarm in case of a delay or suspicion. 

The Bottom Line

All the efforts of meticulously planning little details might seem tiring. But eventually, it is all worth it. Spontaneity is fun. However, a little planning will make a lot of difference in the quality of your travel. The key is to find a balance between both while enjoying your much-deserved break.

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