6 Must-Have Apps for Remote Workers

Nowadays, many people tend to work from home. Even though it is sometimes considered as just working from home, it isn’t. Working online can be efficient and easy to achieve by using some apps. 

But, which are they? 

In this article, you can read about useful apps for remote workers and why you should try them. While some are for communication, some will help you in creative processes and organize work. 

Google Hangout 

Google and its apps are probably the most used when it comes to working from home. It is very simple because you have so many opportunities and can use them in many situations, but also you can have everything in one spot. Google Hangout is a platform where you can communicate with many users using different apps. It can be Gmail or Google apps, but Android apps, too. This saves your memory and keeps all conversations on one platform, easy to find and organize. It is completely free for use. 


Yammer is a communication platform from Microsoft connects larger groups, like companies or classrooms to communicate and share documents between them. It is ideal for more people to have a meeting at the same time and to have unlimited time to hold it. You can have a good insight if you run a project or track employees’ work. It is completely free and provides you to connect with a laptop or mobile phone using Android or iOS. Also, you will get an Office365 package with all documents needed for successful cooperation. 


This is an app that helps you stay organized and prioritize your tasks or have all thoughts in one place. It is also a free app that synchronizes with all devices you use and cooperates with many other platforms to keep all your information connected. Trello helps the team to organize tasks and simply track progress. All cards with tasks can have comments or your opinions to remember what you were thinking about it. Also, you can use it for personal needs, like planning a big vacation with family


This is an app to help you with creative tasks and to satisfy customers ‘ needs. It is simple to use and doesn’t take much of your time, but it can be a great addition to any of your projects, especially if you lead them. This app allows you to create simple graphic content, like mood boards, which will help you stick to the topic of the project. Also, it works great for people who are visual types. 


This app is very helpful for project management. It helps you to run a job remotely, but still monitor schedule, work, time, people, and your profit. This is ideal either for people with small or large businesses because you can add an unlimited number of tasks. It encourages productivity and fast software reactions leave you more time to work on a project rather than monitoring it. It isn’t free, but the price is affordable and the overall results are worth it. you can use it on any laptop and share how many times you want once you buy a license. 


Feedly doesn’t organize your tasks, but the information you get to save your time looking for the right piece of information. It keeps up with topics that you are interested in and tries to save you from information overwhelming. It is a platform that aggregates news and prepares it for a user to use. It can work as a cloud service, too, so you don’t even have to use your space. Also, it is completely free for use. 

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