5 Types of Business Technology Tools That Saves Time and Money

Ask any business owner what they would like more of, and they’ll answer, time and money. 

Everyone’s seeking ways to increase workplace efficiency and productivity. If you can save a few minutes daily on tasks, it’ll add up to significant savings and improve your enterprise’s bottom line.

Today, many online tools and apps can help you improve your operational processes so you’ll achieve your goals.

These are five categories in which you should use technology in your business

Scheduling and Conferencing

During the Covid-19 stay-at-home period, many people began using web conferencing for the first time, including staff who had to work from home.

Many businesses started to conduct virtual discussions. It looks like it’s going to be an ongoing practice even when there aren’t any movement restrictions. This technology is such a time-saver as participants can attend remotely and not have to commute.

Scheduling and conferencing tools can also make meetings more productive and take less time to organize. You no longer have to communicate via emails with attendees to decide on a period that works for everyone. By attaching your calendar to your message, participants can choose a suitable slot.

These apps also enable you to attach the schedule and other relevant information, so you don’t have to circulate printed copies to those involved. 

Presentations also play a huge role in virtual communication today. Tools like visually engaging PowerPoint Templates can help to create highly impactful virtual presentations. They also increase productivity and efficiency by saving the time spent on making a presentation from scratch.

Project Management

Project management systems are essential tools for businesses. Popular software in this category includes Trello and Basecamp.

These apps enable you to assign tasks to various staff and track their progress as the project progresses. You can also communicate and share information in one place for everyone to keep abreast of developments. 

Call Center Systems

Businesses today have to manage multiple communication channels and employ digital technology to handle phone calls, instant messaging, emails, texts, and social media. 

Such a system, known as call center software, gets the job done more efficiently. 

Social Media Scheduling 

Social media is an excellent platform for engaging your followers. However, most businesses can’t dedicate an employee or a team to manage their posts and ads full-time. 

With scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, you can prepare your promotions in advance, and the system will get them out on the days and times you specify.

If you utilize the app well, you’ll save time that you can use to produce great content and interact with your customers.

Document Collaboration

If you have several people working on a document, Google Docs is a popular choice for most collaborators. The app allows more than one person to work on the file simultaneously. 

It improves productivity because there’s no need to wait for feedback or amendments via email. You’ll see all changes in real-time.

Since everything is in the cloud, those involved can work remotely. You can have your client sit in and provide feedback without being in your office.

Try Them Out

These are only some of the many tools available today. If they apply to your organization, test them and find suitable ones for your business. We’re sure you’ll see a productivity boost while you have more time and money for other serious matters. 

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