5 Reasons You Should Use Remarketing For Your Small Business

Seasoned business owners and marketers understand the power of remarketing, as it has the ability to transform internet browsers into purchasing customers. 

Essentially, remarketing helps brands regain visitors by showing them targeted advertisements in other areas of the internet, e.g., blogs, news websites, and articles. These ads also allow business owners to create custom messages that re-attract visitors to their site to make a purchase.

So, small businesses and startups – we’re talking to you. Here are the five main advantages of why you should be using remarketing in your online advertising game plan:

1. You Are Increasing The Opportunity to Reach Your Audience

The Google Display Network has over 2 million websites that reach over 90% of internet users. This network gives small business owners the opportunity to reach vast numbers of people and help them to achieve their professional goals.

If you’re new to this type of marketing, a remarketing agency can really help you to expand your business. They can help you to convert twice the number of website visitors into paying customers, with many being able to reach your lost site visitors on 98% of the internet.

2. You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Online advertising is paramount when it comes to interacting with internet users and potential customers. Whether that be from a download, an online sale, or a sign-up for a newsletter, it’s crucial for the growth of your business.

When you opt for a remarketing strategy, you are essentially advertising your brand to visitors even when they’re not browsing in your particular area or industry. This increases your conversion rates and maximizes your exposure over your competitors.

The bottom line of this strategy is that people are more likely to purchase from you and not rival businesses.

3. Remarketing Clicks Are Cheap

If you’re entering an industry that is extremely competitive, the average per click cost can be several dollars. Some keywords even have the capacity to cost up to $50 per click. However, in social remarketing ads, clicks are significantly cheaper and can cost anywhere between 2-100 times less.

The higher conversion rates you receive from remarketing ads can also deliver you a higher return on investment. 

4. You Have More Call to Actions

When someone uses your website for the first time, a conversion may not occur in that particular event. However, when you use remarketing strategies, you are providing users with a further call to action, including the ‘find out more and ‘call now’ buttons. These extra CTAs help the user to re-find your site, which makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Essentially, having more call-to-action opportunities for customers will help to grow your small business.

5. You Have Access to Site Selection

Remarketing provides small business owners with the ability to review other websites and see which ones are performing the best in relation to conversion rates and click-throughs. Reviewing these sites allows you to re-evaluate your ads and stop the ones that are either not performing well or not relevant to your business. This site selection knowledge can be used to help enhance your return on investment. 

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

If you’re serious about creating and running a successful business, you should take remarketing into account. Suppose you’re not 100% sure about how to make it happen yourself. In that case, there are plenty of agencies out there that specifically work on these strategies and have excellent track records in helping small businesses flourish. 

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