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5 Mistakes After Workouts


No one will deny the fact that working out is much better than watching a movie or opening a cricket betting site. But it turns out that what you do after a workout is just as important as what you do while exercising. Here are 5 common post-workout mistakes almost all health advocates make. Check yourself – are you doing the same thing?

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You should drink more than usual after a workout at the gym or an intense fitness session – this is important for maintaining water-electrolyte balance and blood glycogen levels. For four hours after the workout, you should drink non-carbonated mineral water slowly but regularly, about 200-300 ml per hour to replenish the fluids lost with sweat. But you should not drink several glasses at once – it is dangerous for your heart.

You Sit Around All Day

If you run on the machines for an hour and then sit in the office without even getting up to stretch, your body will feel bad. All the efforts to tighten, maintain and tidy muscles and ligaments will go in vain. So be sure to do an active workout several times a day, do not be lazy to climb a couple of floors on the stairs or at least a good stretch. All this will increase the heart rate for a short time and will do wonders for your well-being and mood.

You Don’t Sleep Enough

In order to keep your muscles and skin toned, you need enough sleep. How much? At least 7 hours, and some people need 9 hours of sleep. While we are resting, the body is busy recharging and urgent repairs, and it needs time for that. Don’t force it to work under time pressure.

You Eat Fatty Foods

Chances are, if you’re watching yourself, you’re not likely to pounce on fast food after working out at the gym. But even healthy fats can cause problems. They slow down the digestive process. And meanwhile, muscles need nutrients to recover that get into the bloodstream quickly, get to your cells quickly, and give your muscles energy quickly. These are high-quality protein and carbohydrates, with which fats should be replaced.

You Don’t Stretch

There are no excuses, no matter how busy you are! The muscles stretched by exercise return to their former volume in about an hour. To maintain the effect of exercise, you need to stretch regularly. Not stretching after a workout, on the other hand, can lead to restricted movement and make the body more susceptible to injury.

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