5 Ideas You Need to Know For Designing Powerful Print Media Advertising

For marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to surpass the competition and market their business or brand, then they should try print media advertising. However, they should be mindful of creating outstanding print advertising designs as it will attract new consumers and force them to take action.  A printed tshirt, custom printed mugs, or even small things like custom printed pens can be an easy form of branding and advertising.

Understanding how to produce efficient print advertising designs is a way to surpass competitors while getting new potential clients or customers who want to have more ideas about the brand.

Below are six ideas for designing print media advertising in which people can remember and take action.

Pick the Right Combination of Color

It is essential to choose a color that blends for the ad because color plays a big part in forming a brand existence and identity, either online or local. The selected shade should quickly gain attention and must be convincing via any marketing campaign.

Use the Most Modern Logo

It is better to take advantage of a modernized and impressive logo that is appropriate, germane, and contemporary for any set of target demographic and audience. Marketers can hire professional and expert graphic designers instead of choosing freelance designers for flyer printing, brochure printing, and print the advertisements.

They would not only make a way to be recognizable as up to date brand but is also another way for potential customers to recall the name easily and what it considers with regards services or products by choosing an updated logo.

Identify the Size of the Print Media Advertising Design

Decide on the scale of the design on the print media while working to achieve it because printing for design needs greater dots per inch or DPI because while creating graphics the standard DPI is 72.

Use Print-Friendly Images and Media

It is preferable to use print-friendly media and pictures while making fresh designs for print media advertising for the company, brand, and communique. It is essential to make sure that all photos, as well as the to take advantage of a, are safe to print, which has a DPI of more than 300 and with no copyright issues.

If not so sure about what to categorize as a print-friendly graphic or image, better work with a professional advertising company to get the right ad printed out without negotiating with the quality.

Add CTA or Call-To-Action

Adding a call-to-action button in print advertising design is an excellent method to generate leads and to acquire potential long-term fans and followers for the company and brand.

Incorporating a CTA is by executing a URL for a website and by adding a barcode for smartphones so that the receiver knows how to obtain more information related to the offerings and the business brand.


Print media advertising proved its worth in reaching out to people with ease, whether a distributed flyer or a print media advertisement in the newspaper. Print media advertising is most likely the most efficient approach for business owners to promote and develop their business.

It is much better to come up with a solid concept and consider the design of the print media to make a remarkable advertisement for the audience and the target market.

Author CreditsSabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.

Sabahat Akhter ,https://24hourwristbands.com

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