5 Genius Accessories Will Make Your Face Mask Wearing More Comfortable

With the COVID-19 virus threat still on the loose, we can all agree that we are now living in a strange new world. Currently, a lot of country and state mandates everyone to wear facemasks. It’s also critical for businesses to require all their workers and customers to wear a facemask within the business premises. I know we are all adjusting to the new normal to make sure our noses and mouths are covered in public.

Wearing a facemask can be uncomfortable to many, but we did some digging on how we can make those masks more user-friendly. In this article, we’ll share with you the most recommended facemask accessories everyone must-have for a better mask wearing experience!

1.Hooks For Masks

We know it is quite frustrating to wear a mask, especially if it’s not the right size. If they are small, your ears will deal with some major pain and discomfort over time. When they are too big, they won’t stay put at all and can be so annoying. Luckily, we got a solution for you. You can buy mask hooks so you can have that perfectly fitting facemask. It will help extend your facemask instantly, so you won’t have to throw away your favorite cloth mask.

Mask hooks are popularly available on Amazon, eBay, and other online stores. Basically, they are made to help ease the pressure on your ears. Getting a hook for your facemask can also help you wear your mask on its most comfortable fit. A perfect solution for those big masks you purchased for your kids too.

2.Cord Locks For Masks

Talking about mask fitting, we spoke about mask hooks earlier, and they are not the only option you have. Cord locks for masks are also a great solution if you have purchased a mask that’s way bigger than you expected. These are also perfect for kids’ facemask since we all know the challenge of keeping those masks on your kids’ faces. 

You can check out cord locks for masks from Ravenox, which is crafted to work for a long time. Ordinary cord locks often face problems of looseness as time goes by, but not with Ravenox. You can now adjust the locks of your mask for that perfect fit.

Tips: It may be a little tricky to put them on your face mask. Try using a bobby pin or crochet hook in poking the mask loops into your cord locks.

3.Bridge Strips For your Nose

Perhaps all of us might have experienced buying those super cute facemasks and then found out its nose piece isn’t adjustable. No need to throw them away or keep them locked in your cabinets. All you have to buy are those super affordable nose bridge strips. They are essential to have, especially for those who wear glasses. Nose bridge stips prevent fogging on your eyewear, and they make sure you have a comfortably tight-fitting mask in general.

You also have the option to sew them inside your cloth covers or use a safe adhesive to attach them to your masks.

4.Ear Protectors

Many of us are having trouble with the sensation of having something placed on our ears. We heard complaints of those elastic bands from facemasks. If you feel this way too – consider picking up some ear protectors for a much more comfortable day. They are soft little cushions where you slide your mask’s elastic loops. With this, you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask all day long since they help get rid of any friction behind your ears.

5.Wash Bag for Face Masks

Wash your facemask every day – We have heard it many times from the news. Health experts urge us to clean our washable facemask daily. Like how you need to wash your clothes every after wear, facemasks need this kind of cleaning. We wear masks to keep the virus away from us, so we don’t want those germs sitting around our facemasks. Wash your masks on the sink by hand or include them in your laundry. However, make sure you grab a wash bag for facemask if you plan on getting them cleaned by a machine. Prices range from 1$ to 3.99$, low price for convenience, right?

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