5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2022

The way we conduct business has changed dramatically in the year 2020. The way we work in the industry has changed. This is the case for nearly every company, no matter how big; however, it is particularly relevant for small-business owners, independent professionals, and single-person shops. Experts say we’ll live in this new socially disconnected norm in 2021. Therefore, any marketing strategy or business strategy has to consider this fact.

There are many choices when it comes down to marketing your company in 2021. Most only require a small amount of time or money. Take these ideas as a starting point to create your marketing plan for the following year. Without further delay, we present our top five marketing strategies for small businesses for 2022:

1. Make use of video to keep connected

How can you keep personal contact with your customers and potential clients in the age of social disconnection? One way is to present your face via video. The good news is that making videos is now easier than ever. You don’t need to create an environment, carry large equipment, or even have an expert edit the video. Smartphones have top-quality cameras and the capability to share video content instantly.

 At present, consumers are comfortable watching videos on IFVOD TV and other social networks that were created using essential equipment and techniques. The authenticity of a video is more important than the quality of professional videos. In reality, people are becoming savvy enough to be more skeptical of overproduced fake video content, which is a blatant example of “marketing.”

2. Include live chat on your site.

Different occupations have their schedules. One who works full-time and goes to school late at night could look for an insurance policy at 10 pm or during weekends. A busy plumber might take a break around 10 pm and look at homes for auction.

How can you assist customers operating outside of “normal working times?” You can’t stay all day long; therefore, the live chat could be a solution to keep the conversation going even when you’re not there.

Take a look at these statistics by Inc.:

51% of customers think that businesses should be accessible 24/7.

It’s correct “need. It’s not “would prefer.” This is quite a need! Chat services can make this possible.

92 92% of customers are satisfied with live chat.

I’m sure that we’ve all loved having an instant chat with a representative instead of writing an email, going through a menu for automated phones or waiting for a response.

Fifty-one per cent of customers prefer live chat for multitasking and 21% of users use live chat to ensure it allows them to shop even as they are working.

As mentioned earlier, people are always busy, and chatting can be an excellent opportunity to answer questions and do more than just one thing.

In addition to providing support, live chat can also serve as an opportunity to sell to potential customers who would otherwise leave your site without leaving a trace. The conversation has the potential to double the speed that visitors convert into qualified leads. However, you’ll only benefit if there’s an actual person on the other end, not an automated system. Discover more details about the human-powered live chat.

3. be sure to be listed on the top directories

In the past, making your business visible was as easy as having correct information in the telephone book. In 2021, the process was quite a bit more complicated. You’re probably aware of the value of having a top page ranking on a popular search on Google However; did you know that there are many other websites where your company can be discovered?

Social media. Yelp. Map applications. Voice assistants. Review sites. Events directories. Potential customers are looking for similar businesses on the internet in places you probably have yet to learn about. If your company isn’t included in every directory relevant to your business or your data needs to be completed or accurate, it’s a missed opportunity on potential opportunities.

This is why it’s crucial to ensure you update your profile information everywhere, including Google and other social media. This may seem like a daunting, overwhelming job, but there’s an alternative: use the listings management software to manage your listings and update your information worldwide.

4. Make sure you are focusing on your present and previous clients

This is a tremendous challenge for owners of small businesses. Take a look at your advertising budget. What proportion of your budget is used to acquire new leads instead of nurturing the existing business book? If you were informed that the cost is five times more to get a new client than to retain an existing customer, what percentage of that would alter?

Your past and present clients are your primary marketing source. In addition to retaining direct revenues from these clients, they’re your primary source of recommendations and reviews. A request from a current customer is the most effective kind of lead you can obtain, and a favorable review from that customer can yield dividends for many years.

Suppose you’re spending excessive of your budget and time on acquiring customers. In that case, you should move some of the money and energy towards maintaining and making the most of your current customers. It’s possible to cover a wide array of options and strategies, so here are some resources to get you starting:

5. Automate the critical channels

When it comes to simple marketing strategies, Automation is always on the list. It’s not just taking the majority of the burden off your hands. However, it’s also the ideal tool to nurture and acquire. Fifty per cent of top-performing businesses use marketing automation to help retain customers.

Automation can be applied in various ways, including content emails, social sharing on Zoom Memojilikeclark Theverge, Skyward FBISD and email, you name it. There’s no better method to cut down on time and costs while increasing marketing efficiency.

Personal contact is the only thing that automation can’t eliminate from your schedule. While platforms such as Outbound Engine allow you to automate your email marketing and provide you with interested and active people, they’re unable to make the next move for you. It’s up to the business owner to connect with engaged leads or contacts and keep the conversation going.

If you’re searching for an application that does the heavy lifting of marketing for you–researching and writing or designing content and then sending it out so you can concentrate on other goals in 2021. Outbound Engine may be just the tool you’ve been searching for.

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