5 Compelling Reasons to Buy an Electric Vehicle in 2022

Even though they have arrived with a great deal of buzz, it looks like a lot of people are on the fence about buying an electric vehicle. And if we are to be quite honest, these initial concerns were somewhat justified since the first generations of e-cars weren’t the most reliable lot and the power supply network was not yet fully developed.

However, these problems were mostly left in the past. These days, at the beginning of 2022, the EV market paints an entirely different picture, and getting one of these cars makes one of the best moves you can make. Let us take a look at a couple of compelling reasons why that is so.

Lower emission and fuel costs

low emmission

This is one of the greatest promises of electric vehicles and we have to admit that the EV industry was able to deliver on this one. We are living in a world where fuel costs are skyrocketing and environmental issues are becoming painfully evident. The only solution to these problems is moving to electric energy and renewable power sources. Speaking in strictly financial terms, the electric power costs are much more stable than gasoline prices. Also, the recent study indicates that the average cost of operating an EV in the US is approximately $485 per year compared to gasoline-powered vehicles that sit at $1,117.

High performance coupled with low noise

There are a lot of people out there that thin sustainability and maintenance perks you get with EVs are paid in sluggish performance. They couldn’t be more wrong since the latest-gen cars are incredibly snappy, fast, nimble, and able to produce a peak torque virtually out of nothing. The gasoline-powered vehicles need far more buildup to reach the same performance. Also, because the battery is always located at the center of the car, the EVs feature a very low center of gravity that, in turn, lends them with excellent weight distribution and stability. These perks come with a noise level that is virtually non-existent.

low noise

The access to top-tier equipment

Aside from performance issues that, as we’ve seen are largely unfounded, the future car owners are mostly afraid of the lack of equipment necessary for charging and maintaining these vehicles. Every garage in the world has all the tools you need to take care of gasoline-powered vehicles. When it comes to the EVs, not so much. Well, the good news is that the items like electric vehicle charging stations and maintenance equipment are becoming increasingly affordable and available to an average consumer so you have everything you need to keep your future car in pristine shape only a couple of clicks away.


Prices and government grants

For a very long time, electric vehicles were considered a very valuable commodity aimed at users with deep pockets. This situation is gradually turning around. At this very moment, the average price of an electric car is approximately $51,000 which is still a couple of grands above the price of the gasoline-powered vehicles from the same class.

But, on the other hand, the prices of EVs are dropping about 10% on an annual basis so this shouldn’t be an issue for so long. Also, governments all around the world are more than willing to subsidize the purchase of e-cars so their upfront price may even end up lower.

solar panel

Less maintenance than the hybrid vehicles

Last but not least, hybrid vehicles have often been cited as the perfect middle ground between EVs and their gasoline-powered cousins offering all the perks of the first car group while reducing the range anxiety that is so closely associated with EVs.

Putting aside the fact that, the range of EVs is improving with each passing day and now clocks at rock-solid 181 miles, maintaining the hybrid vehicles is a real nightmare. On the other hand, featuring far fewer moving parts even than the traditional petrol-fueled counterparts, EVs sustain considerably less physical attrition and are, therefore, easier to maintain.

hybrid vehicles

We hope these few compelling arguments gave you another incentive to reconsider making your next four-wheeler electric powered. Electric vehicles still have to go a very long way until they get the market presence they deserve. But, we are making steps in the right direction and the adoption of electric cars is growing with each passing year.

That shouldn’t come off as too big of a surprise. The future of the automotive industry lies in clean, renewable energy and you can become a part of that future here and now.

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