4 Simple Steps To Watermark PDF With GogoPDF

Most of the time, people nowadays are dominantly taking up time being online. May it be for the use of work or plainly to convey stories of their significance. Ultimately, all these files are out in the open, and anyone can get access to it.  It will allow people to get a hold of all your original works. Making your creativity, including confidentiality, will be left in vain. 

Fortunately, with technology taking its peak in society, there are readily available tools that protect and ensure that these files have high importance, emphasizing originality and ownership by placing watermarks in all these PDF files. With GogoPDF on hand, there are simple steps to reckon with to achieve this process.

Easy Drag And Drop Process

In ensuring ownership of a PDF file, the first question that will always come to mind is how to add watermark to PDF? Definitely, for a not so techy type of person, it will have a first notion that it will be difficult. Moreso, with the GogoPDF tool, the steps are made simple to be easy to understand. 

Firstly, it has to start with identifying the document to put the watermark on. You need to drag and drop this file from your computer to the conversion box. This easy drag and drop process allows users to save time and, more importantly, give them that upper hand to do it with any hassle.

Type A Text Or Grab Image As Watermark

The process of creating a watermark will commence after the process of selecting the PDF file from your computer and putting it in the conversion box. The watermark may be in the form of text or a choice of image, depending on the user’s preference. What is essential is to choose the right position of the watermark then click on the Add Watermark button.

As mentioned with the GogoPDF tool, the user can get creative with the type of watermark they want to put in their files. If it is in the form of text, one can choose the font, size, and color. It is also possible to use different images; select the image from your device and add it to the PDF file.

Wait For Watermarking Process To Finish In A Short Time

Once the type of watermark is clearly identified, it is important to click the Add Watermark button. This process will signify for the watermarking function to begin. The GogoPDF is widely known for its speedy process; it will only take a few minutes for the watermarking to finish. It will effortlessly process the watermarking just in time.

Email The Watermarked PDF File Or Download To A Device

After the process of watermarking is done. The user is given an option to email the watermarked PDF file or download it to their device. As user-friendly as the GogoPDF gets, users are given another alternative to share their watermarked PDF to their social media accounts directly.

The GogoPDF tool to top it all ensures the privacy of its customers. When the process is completely done, the GogoPDF makes sure that the trust and confidentiality entrusted by its users on them will not be put on hold. Thus the process assures that all files uploaded to the server are deleted automatically after an hour.


Do not allow your vital PDF files to be given less importance. Let it be guarded by an efficient and easy to follow process tool like GogoPDF. Allow it to put that watermarking to signify your ownership. Let it mark that originality and creativity that solely should and only belong to you. 

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