3 Rakhi Gifts According to 8 Brother’s Personality

It isn’t often that a new dawn rises from a bond that came smeared with fights and blames. There are days by the sun when the rain strikes; it strikes harder with thunder and reveals the depth of our hearts.

Living life has long been an endless song, and by the time the chorus begins, a faint echo cheer humming joyful recollections in chants becomes a prayer for the safe-keep we promised with our sibling.

So here’s to the 8 Loving Rakhi uniquely designed for each of your Brothers, coming strengthened in the love you hold for them.

1. The Comical Brother:

This charming gallet brother somehow manages to capture everyone’s attention at home with his charismatic personality. You can’t help but listen to his hilarious and outspoken comments. When you send rakhi to India by Rakhibazaar, you can include an adorable cartoon rakhi or LED fancy rakhi along with a signature ceramic coffee mug to add a fun touch to a greeting card.

2. The Preacher: 

It can be a good thing to have someone in the family who always follows the rules. Their book of rules always pays to uprightness, which can sure be a source of annoyance now and then, yet this brother sets great examples for everything. You don’t have to worry about finding expensive, sophisticated gifts to impress them. You can find affordable, trendy gifts Flowers, books to glam up with Rakhi Gifts from RakhiBazaar.

3. The Peacemaker:

It’s impossible to hate this urban monk, who is always peaceful and calm. He may seem indifferent unless you provoke him. If you do, be prepared for the consequences. It’s always fun to tease him, but don’t give in to temptation. Instead, give him a traditional Rakhi design with an earthy touch tie of nature and wooden beads or Rudraksha Rakhi.

4. The Whiner Brother: 

There are two sides to every coin, and surely, if you have been close to a sensitive soul, even just as a sibling, you can see that beneath the tough exterior lies a tender, sentimental heart. Pay close attention and catch him off guard as he grumbles while quietly ticking items off his wish list. Now, you can make his exclusive wish come true without blowing your budget by surprising him with Rakhis, such as pearl Rakhi, antique collections, or a Swastik or OM Rakhi.

5. The Defender: 

Brothers who fight not for their own sake but for those they truly care about are special. They won’t stand up for just anyone, and seeing reasons to pamper you now and then, they transform into shields. So, gift a Rakhi for Brother from Rakhi Bazaar to honour the promise of your loyal, defending brother’s purest love. Choose from a selection of silver Rakhis, Shiv Trishul Rakhis, Veera Rakhis, and metal bracelets designed to rest on his strong wrist.

6. The Dreamer:

His hazy eyes hold the soothing comfort of knowledge so foreign to the present time as he drifts in the visit of far great divine things waiting patiently in his faith. He adores art, creation and all things traditional and wants to bear a self-expressing design in every reality that is draped on him. Make a sorted collection of carefully picked, most captivating rakhi fusion from handcrafted rakhi in Gold and Sparkly Beads Rakhi.

7. The Rock: 

This foundational epitome of brilliance is an established means of holding the family together. You can send rakhi to USA with free shipping to make him not bother if you can arrange the expense of shipping on your own. It would twice make him happier knowing you could send him a gift with the least trouble since it’s he who has taken up the family duties.

8. The Athletic: 

From an enormous apatite to lifting weights, agility is a landmark of fitness. Sculpting a body toned in fineness is a master-craft of Mental Will put to the test. His strong mind made him run and leap into the race destined for strength training. His passion is unmistakable. Send him the most incredible gold and silver rakhi and Rudraksha for his health.


Each brother is unique, and by gifting a piece of your most prized delight in Rakhi Gift with the best Rakhi of his choice, you can make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable and wonderful for your brother.

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