11 Top Trends in Custom Mobile App Development 2024

Did you know that by 2025, there will be around 7.49 billion smartphone users around the world? Smartphones are penetrating our daily lives. Every business that offers a service, offers an app to go with it. 

In 2023 alone, the global mobile market size was valued at USD 228.98 billion. By 2025, mobile apps are projected to generate revenues of over USD 613 billion. Custom mobile app development services can help you reach potential customers faster and improve your operational efficiency. 

As a business owner, investing in custom mobile app development is a practical solution to drive both revenue and growth. You must start by searching for the best mobile app development platform and company. Second, you must conduct thorough research on your audience and the latest mobile app development trends to launch innovative solutions in the market. 

TRooTech Business Solutions has been involved in the field of custom software development for the past several years. Its mobile app development team has catered to clients globally across various industries such as Logistics, EdTech, FinTech, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more. 

With our in-depth market research and experience that we have gained over the years, we have created a list of the top trends in custom mobile app development that will help you enhance user engagement, experience, and retention. Let’s dive right in! 

11 Top Custom Mobile App Development Trends 

1. Enhanced UI with Motion Design

If your mobile app’s design is complex and steady, it may negatively impact your user engagement. Motion Design can help resolve this. With motion design, you can add dynamic and visually attractive elements to your mobile app’s UI. 

These elements are engaging and memorable. They “grab down” the attention of your users through interactivity, engagement, animated scrolling, and macro interaction. 

Moreover, motion design also saves users time and provides them with exceptional user experience. This enhances your business’s rate of conversion. 

2. AI/ML-based UX design 

Computational Design, a concept introduced by AI, can help businesses build app interfaces using automated programs. This means that your designers can save time spent crafting these interfaces. 

Using AI and Machine Learning (ML) based programs, businesses can speed up their design process. These programs use parameters through which they mimic human decision-making. Hence, the final result doesn’t vary much. 

Here’s some ways AI is helping in UX design:

  • Generating copies for UX design
  • Creating visual elements for UX designs through AI-based image generators
  • Using Figma plugins for creating designs of wireframes, prototypes, and more
  • Turning Figma designs into a React code to speed up implementation and deployment 

Thus designers, project managers, and product engineers can benefit from using AI in the UX design process. On top of this, AI is also progressing toward UX design iteration. For instance, using AI, businesses can quickly design numerous versions of landing pages. 

3. Inclusive UX App Design 

A fundamental aspect of software design is providing equitable access to all users. Users today want a more inclusive experience that draws on the full potential of human diversity and a wide range of perspectives. 

A popular game “Rust” made headlines because they randomized every player’s skin color. The UX design decision represented every demographic and was thus well received by the users. How did its makers achieve this? Through an inclusive UX app design principle. 

Inclusive UX app design focuses on creating products that are accessible and usable for a wide range of audiences without any user bias or assumptions. 

The logic behind this is simple: make users feel like the app is designed specifically for them. The principle of inclusive app design is slowly becoming integral to UI/UX design. Embracing this trend will help you attract more customers and roll out innovative solutions. 

Choose a custom mobile app development company that researches user needs, creates adaptable designs, and gathers user feedback to make necessary improvements to successfully integrate inclusive design into each phase of the development process. 

4. Voice Technology Integration 

Devices controlled by voice technology and smart speakers are becoming more common. Users are getting more comfortable while interacting with technology using their voices. As a result, Voice UI as a custom mobile app development trend is booming. 

It is slowly changing how users interact with digital interfaces by turning these interactions into conversational experiences. There are several advantages that voice technology integration provides businesses. They are:

  • Hands-free interactions 
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Increase time efficiency 
  • Facilitate seamless integration among apps, devices, and UI 

5. Multilingual Voice Support 

Multilingual voice support is among the rising trends in custom mobile app development services. As mentioned above, users expect mobile apps to cater to a wide user base. 

As a business owner, if you want to enhance the global access and utility of your mobile apps, then you must expand on voice technology. By doing so, you can serve a large audience base all over the world. This will help you improve your app’s global usability. 

Platforms like Google Assistant have developed voice technology with multilingual capabilities that can converse in over 30 popular languages. There are several reasons why you should consider integrating multilingual voice support in mobile apps:

  • Allow users to interact with technology using their native language which boosts the app’s usability
  • Improve user engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction
  • Expand the market reach and potential user base of the app
  • Promote inclusivity and accessibility of your app

6. Contextually Aware UI

Next on the list of custom mobile app development trends is context-aware user interfaces. Let’s see what it means. 

Context-aware interfaces adapt to live data about user roles, tasks, locations, and devices. Based on that, they offer the user with the most relevant content and functions. While creating a UI, it is necessary to maintain its consistency to avoid distortion. 

By integrating context awareness into their designs, businesses can build apps that offer a more personalized and adaptive experience to users, boosting satisfaction. 

7. Touchless UI 

Touchless UI is yet another emerging trend in custom mobile app development. A popular example of the touchless UI technology is biometrics. Another example is UI-based gesture control. 

Mobile apps of the future will support tracking eye movements for a seamless scrolling experience. Whether it is a simplified mobile app design or implementing the most trending AR/VR app interfaces, businesses must stay current on the latest transformations in custom mobile app development. 

8. Instant Feedback and Micro-Interactions

As a business owner, your end goal is to provide instant feedback to users and guide them through tasks. Micro-interactions are subtle elements that are added to enhance an application’s interactivity and user engagement.

The reason behind adding these elements is that they trigger emotional responses within an app. This ultimately enhances user retention and customer loyalty. 

9. VR-based Training Modules 

AR/VR technology has been a major component of custom mobile app development. And it will continue to be among the leading mobile app development trends. 

Businesses can leverage AR/VR technology to offer users an immersive experience. They can also enhance their app’s interactivity within digital environments. Further, businesses can integrate 3D design elements to enhance the depth and perspective of their UI/UX. 

The trend will see a combination of 3D design with minimalistic design principles to craft visually stunning user experiences. 

10. Data Visualization 

With data driving several insights and analytics, data visualization is set to be a critical aspect of UI/UX design. 

Businesses will depend highly on custom mobile app development services to transform complex data into visually appealing graphics, charts, and diagrams to make it more understandable. This will help promote user engagement and data-driven decision-making. 

Further, by integrating real-time data into mobile apps, businesses can create dynamic user experiences. Here’s how data visualization will benefit businesses:

  • Boost user engagement through live insights 
  • Build engaging user experiences by allowing users to customize extraction criteria for a better analysis
  • Create interactive data visualizations to improve user engagement

Another way your businesses can boost customer engagement is through interactive content. This includes forms, polls, quizzes, games, AR experiences, etc., which allow users to engage with the content interactively and dynamically. 

Incorporating real-time data into your custom mobile app development process can help you create more personalized and engaging user experiences. 

11. Beacon Technology 

Beacon technology is a notable trend in custom mobile app development. This technology works by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gadgets. These are useful in offering proximity-based location services. Beacons are wireless transmitters that can connect to nearby mobile apps and communicate with them. 

Businesses can integrate these beacons into their mobile apps to create personalized content, notifications, and offers based on the user’s location. This can help them increase user interaction, improve customer experience, and promote innovation. 

Stay Ahead of the Game – Hire the Best Custom Mobile App Development Services

With the world of mobile apps and UI/UX designs continuously evolving, it is quite clear that the custom mobile app development landscape will see several changes and improvements. 

As the year progresses, we will witness a fusion of technology and creativity in custom mobile app development services that will deliver exceptional results. 

Businesses that don’t successfully adapt and implement these trends risk being overrun by their competitors. If you want to gain an edge over your competition, you must hire the best custom mobile app development company, such as TRooTech Business Solution. 

They have over 350 mobile app development experts who follow a step-by-step approach to conceptualize, design, and deliver top-notch solutions for businesses globally.

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