10 Effective Ways Of Improving Reading Comprehension In Your Learner’s

What is reading comprehension? 

Reading Comprehension is basically a process of understanding a particular text’s meaning. But there is more than that, when you understand something it’s not only about words and meanings, you understand them from your opinions and thoughts. You reflect on what the words mean together. When someone is considered as a reader it includes all of their cognitive capabilities, ability to understand and knowledge. And that’s when the person brings an act of reading.

Effective Ways Of Improving Reading Comprehension :

There  are 10 effective ways to improve reading comprehension in your Learners.

  • Metacognition – ‘’Thinking about thinking‘’. Visualizing the characters. Most people who read well use these metacognitive strategies to improve their reading skills. It is normally a person’s ability to control what they are actually thinking and what kind of strategies like organizing, monitoring and adapting they use for their thinking process. It is a component of successful learning and self-regulating tasks.

           One cannot have knowledge without having emotions.

                    -Arnold Bennett, a British Writer

  • Find the books they like – When you do what you love, no matter how hard the task is, you will complete it without taking more effort. Most of the low reading comprehension is because children are reading what isn’t she or he is interested in. The secret to better reading, is to  read the books that you like.
  • Verbal Processing – Talk about what they are reading. It involves a task of little Mental effort with some meaningful communication. This task helps them to remember and for parents to analyze the comprehension capacity of their child. This process improves the fluency, a fluent reader can become a good language speaker.
  • Partner reading –  This is a method based on Lynn and Douglas Fuchs, peer-assisted learning strategies. In this method, pick a friend and complete reading of what you are interested in then you explain to your partner about what you read, this will make you summarize and boost up your memory level.
  • Read Aloud –  Reading and hearing the words out loud will help you gain a better understanding of what you read. There may be certain words that you are struggling to pronounce, when you read out loud it will become easy.
  • Make a note on unfamiliar words – when you are going through your reading Material there may be some unfamiliar words that are difficult to understand. Make a note of the words and know about the meaning and write down. After making a note of unfamiliar words read that regularly and try to make a conversation with these words if necessary.
  • Reading tutor –  To improve your reading skills more a reading tutor may help. For kids Who need an extra boost having a tutor may help.
  • Reread to build fluency– Rereading is like a quick refresher. Able to analyze and understand more when you read it again, it gives you a complete picture of what you read and eliminates unnecessary information. It helps you connect to main and central ideas.
  • Different compositions in reading –  Not everyone is a natural reader. Some learn better when they see, or some learn better when they hear. Every kid has a different understanding level. Find the correct format on how they understand, or like writing down the key points to remember. Some may use a mind map, for some this also helps.
  • Headline skimmings-  Writing down the Headlines is another method to quickly recap the content they read. It gives a high-level understanding.

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Bottomline :

Reading understanding comes with interaction in words that are written. Students can improve Reading comprehension by practicing on a daily basis, like taking notes, setting goals and summarizing what they read. It involves a lot of hard work and patience. It is a useful skill for studies and for life beyond.

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