What Are SEO Articles And How Do They Vary From Normal Articles?

What exactly are SEO posts in comparison to other forms of written content? While crossover with other kinds of articles is present, SEO posts are written specifically with the aim to increase visibility on Google by using keywords. With these SEO tips, you can boost your ranking in Google.

Researching The Appropriate Keywords

When you’re writing SEO articles, the best place to begin is by searching for the right keywords. These are phrasing that users type into search engines like Google when they’re looking for specific products or services. It’s useful to see how competitive the keywords are. Using keywords that are too competitive will make it extremely challenging for you to get your content on the first page. More specific or longer (long tail) keywords are less competitive and have lesser searches. They can also be more relevant to your specific company and subsequently attract more relevant readers.

Using The Keywords Fittingly

What is essential is that the keyword that is featured in the title of the article must feature in the first and final paragraph somewhere. However, it is not a hard and fast rule as such. In some instances, you can use the keyword about six times and in other cases, twice. It’s important to be organic and not force the issue. What’s most critical, is that the content you’re using is relevant to the keywords you’ve selected. Also ensure the keywords are ready organically. Keep user-friendliness at the principal of your deliberations when writing. If you’re struggling with writing relevant SEO articles, why not consider SEO by SponsoredLinx for your business?

Writing Content That Offers Value

This is by far the most essential tip. The internet is filled with jumble, therefore it’s necessary for you to write something of value for it to show up on Google. Users usually type in search phrases when they’re looking for a local service or specific information about an issue. The articles you write is the perfect opportunity to answer their questions. You are the professional in your industry, therefore use your knowledge to write articles with content that brings value. “How to” articles, for instance, are always a winner, since they are easy to read in a short period of time.

Making It The Perfect Length

SEO experts have written loads of information about the length that an SEO article must be. Since no one outside of Google have exact knowledge about how the search algorithm works, it entails some guesswork based on what is working and what isn’t, and it is ever changing. In former times shorter articles between 350 and 400 words used to be the norm.

However, it’s not the case any longer. Google respects authoritative content, therefore, highly indexed posts are usually around six hundred words in length. However, the most vital tip is to make the article the right length for the subject that you have selected. That is why blogs have articles of varying lengths, for example, 700, 800, to 1000 or 1500 words. Shorter articles are often welcomed by those who are looking for information but don’t want to read through lengthy blog articles, particularly in certain sectors. However, don’t rely on short articles alone to obtain high rankings in Google. Have a look at successful blogs in your field and assess what works best. 

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