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Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Weddings are such an integrated custom in our society that it’s likely all involved have envisioned at least a few aspects of it before. Whether it’s the music that will be played or the type of venue it will take place at, it’s probable that the idea has at least crossed their minds. Less likely to have crossed their minds, however, is thinking about what not to do.

If you are currently planning a wedding, take a brief pause from looking up linens, flowers, and cakes. In order to make sure your day goes smoothly, you should take a few precautions before mistakes are made. 

Common aspects that are overlooked can include talking about cost, focusing on details that people will not likely remember, and leaving some details open-ended. With a bit of direction and focus, however, you can avoid these issues and go back to thinking about all the details you do want to include.

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Weddings make people happy, but the cost can leave some with a frown — especially if costs are not communicated clearly to all guests. Be sure that everyone in the wedding party knows what they are expected to provide. This includes clothing, showers, bachelor/ette parties, and more. 

For example, if you expect your person of honor to throw you a wedding shower, make sure they know it. Though you might think it’d be fun to have a surprise wedding shower, failing to have a conversation with your person of honor about it can leave you without a party. Also, be aware of how much the shower will cost, even with DIY and homemade food, it can cost more than $200. If you are expecting a fancy or luxurious wedding party, you should think about paying some of the cost. 

To avoid any last minute oversights or awkward conversations about money, you make sure you clearly communicate expectations to everyone that it applies to. Though you shouldn’t micromanage, you can check in on them occasionally for confirmation. Keeping a list will help keep you organized and on top of what you expect from who, and who you have and haven’t talked to. 

Getting Caught Up in the Details

One of the biggest regrets couples tend to have on their wedding day is not enjoying the moment. Between getting themselves ready for the big day and running around making sure everything is perfect, many couples report not even having a chance to try the food they so carefully planned out on the menu.

For this reason, many couples are choosing to have simpler weddings, making the day more about celebrating the milestone together and less about having the prettiest or most extravagant wedding. Whether or not you choose to simplify your wedding, you should make sure to make the big day about celebrating you and your new life partner.

To do this, you can assign some tasks out to your family to be in charge of for the day. Like assigning a member of the wedding party to make sure your in-laws are comfortable throughout the day, and so forth for all the small details you are worried about. 

You can also incorporate this philosophy into your registry. Nowadays, couples are living together before they get married more often than not, and if they don’t, then they usually have their own apartments where they already have many household items. To replace these items that you likely already own, you can ask for money for a honeymoon or a house or a sentimental family present. 

If you choose to go the route of asking for help with the honeymoon or down payment for a new home, you can put massages, meals, excursions, or a crowdfunding option on your registry. For sentimental presents, you can ask your parents, siblings, or close aunt or uncle to make you something that reminds you of your family that you can keep in your new home. For example, you can ask them to make you a family heirloom cookbook filled with family recipes and accompanied by pictures of your family making them.

Leaving Loose Ends

Although the actual wedding is a one-day event, planning a wedding can entail planning several additional parties, including showers, bachelor/ette parties, and a rehearsal dinner. Keeping track of all of these events as well as all of the details for the main one can be overwhelming if you’re not careful. To keep yourself organized, rely on lists for everything. 

One important item that can be all too easy to mess up are the invitations. With so much on your mind, you can accidentally include misspellings or even forget to put the date and time of the wedding on the RSVP. Also, don’t leave the number of guests on the invitations open ended, as you might end up with more wedding guests than you want.

Whatever choices you end up making for your big day, make sure that you stick to the things that you want. Sure, you may have to make an accommodation or two for family members, but remember that the event marks the beginning of a new life with your partner. By avoiding the small blunders, such as not talking to everyone about money or expectations, not focusing on the moment, and leaving loose ends open that will make it difficult for you to plan, you will be sure to have an amazing wedding day.

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