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Trends For 2019 – 5 Global Marketing Innovations

1. People stop trusting advertising – trusting individuals and education

For three years now we have seen that traditional advertising is less and less attractive to people. The 2015 Nielsen survey showed that the central “selling” sources of information about products were people that the customer knows; manufacturer sites; educational articles and reviews.

Besides, in 2019, at least 30% of Internet users will use ad blocking.

Therefore, we will see the outcome of the previous advertising budgets – in educational and entertainment content marketing, marketing with the help of opinion leaders, partnerships – that is, in methods that create the personal and self-educational value that the current audience appreciates. This change will not stop.

2. People end enjoying conformity with their benefits ​​- they value creativity

Recently, I learned about a manufacturer that used software to get the physical addresses of registered customers – and started sending them full-color magazines about their products with envelopes for ordering goods by mail (in the style of club catalogs of the mid-twentieth century).

Trends For 2019 - 5 Global Marketing Innovations

That is, in the era of smartphones, the manufacturer “drove sprouts into grains” and spent extra money to do loyalty marketing in an old-fashioned way. I was also surprised to find that his campaign was hugely successful: most of the magazine’s recipients completed the orders.

I do not advocate that companies try to resurrect marketing in club magazine printing. I say that unusual ideas of attraction are now more promising than those ideas that, according to marketers and sociopsychologists, clearly resonate with the audience.

3. Content now is not just a matter of marketing and PR departments

Companies that too rigidly divide functions between departments and employees create barriers between departments will soon begin to fail. Departments that work together are going to be by successful companies in 2019.

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For example, to create attractive content, which I mentioned in the first paragraph, from 2019, there will be not only marketing staff and PR specialists. Other divisions will feed their websites and communication channels with content – which leads to the discovery of talents, reduction of costs, and improvement of internal relations.

4. Marketing will be more attentive to each new technology that customers use for communication

Customers expect sales companies to communicate with them through all new channels.

Example: Some analysts predict that 50% of all search queries will go into voice search by 2020. I am not sure about the accuracy of the numbers of such forecasts. However, I know that we live in a world where smart speakers, voice assistants, and just voice search are a favorite thing – and many are already expecting more marketing activity from sellers through these channels, more accuracy for voice queries.

5. Personal contact marketing will begin to struggle with automation

There is no limit to the automation of marketing technologies. These achievements help marketers scale more effectively, make the right decisions and save money. However, these advantages sometimes arise from living, personal relationships, which the same marketers used to build with individual members of their audience.

Conclusion: although automation can cover the main tasks, from 2019 many marketers will conclude that it is necessary to return personal contact (at least by phone or on the social network, for example) to offer direct assistance when possible personally.

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