Sustainable Packaging Ideas for Cannabis Products

Cannabis cultivation should include ethical practices that support environmental efforts. Given that the plant roots itself in holistic health and wellness, the way the products reach the market should also follow suit. Investing in eco-friendly packaging encourages full system operation efforts geared toward sustainability from farm to market.

Here are five sustainable packaging ideas for cannabis products for your business to consider!

Ocean-Reclaimed Plastics

Ocean-reclaimed plastics are a unique way to contribute to eco-friendly efforts while reducing existing waste. It’s a two-fold system that many consumers can get behind once they understand both ends of the spectrum. Using ocean-reclaimed plastics in the cannabis industry is helping shift the narrative surrounding waste recovery and reducing overall waste and pollution.

Biodegradable Packaging

It’s important to note that all product handling and packaging efforts should follow state and local regulations to ensure consumer safety. In addition to consumer safety, the efficacy of the business should adhere to these guidelines. A way to contribute is by following ethical packaging practices, and one of the most common eco-friendly solutions is biodegradable materials.

Biodegradable packaging breaks down effortlessly into the environment and doesn’t last as long as traditional plastic matter. This is an excellent first option for new business owners seeking less waste.

Compostable Packaging

Compostable materials are plant-based and refer to being able to convert into organic matter. Through composting efforts, they can be broken down and essentially given back to the environment in various ways, most commonly through soil and growth efforts. And in the cannabis market, these soils can contribute to the regrowth of more plants. Compostable packaging would create a full-circle cannabis operation with little to no waste.


Retailers can significantly reduce their environmental impacts by considering hemp packaging. This would utilize a sustainable effort from farm to market and, in turn, reduce consumer waste. Additionally, a hemp packaging system can reduce the business’s carbon footprint and reach a loyal customer base seeking eco-friendly efforts.


Glass is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also another excellent sustainable package idea for cannabis products. More specifically, things like oils and gummies. The product itself is generally safer in glass containers as it preserves the overall quality and reduces the use of plastics. For flower products, it stores the freshness of the bud much better.

Selecting packaging for your product and consumer transport demands can be challenging. As companies look for new ways to reduce costs and waste, the long-term advantages of eco-friendly materials pay off time and time again!

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