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Amazing computer tricks and shortcuts for Windows to play prank

Here are some very amazing tricky keyboard shortcuts of your computer, which many of us don’t know. You can use these shortcuts to play prank and irritate someone. These are just simple but effective shortcut which do no harm to PC, computers and Laptop. But these are some cool tricks you can try out on your PC or any one else PC. So here we go:

Amazing computer tricks and shortcuts for Windows

Change contrast of PC to high

Press Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen. This amusing shortcut is a great way to both irritate and puzzle your friends; this command turns on the high contrast visibility setting on any computer set.

Make desktop icon unclickable

This trick is very amazing. Just go the desktop and put the mouse cursor at the side of the screen so it dose’t on screen. Now press Prtsc, this will take a screenshot of your desktop screen now go to paint brush and press Ctrl + v and then press Ctrl + s to save the picture. Now change the desktop wallpaper with the image you saved. 

In window 7 & 8 you can directly right click on the image you saved and go to the set as wallpaper option. On other windows you can right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Select the tab Desktop and click Browse. Navigate to your screenshot folder and press OK to set it as your background.

Now go to desktop ,Right-click your desktop again and navigate to “View” and uncheck ‘Show desktop icons‘ If you don’t find this option navigate to ‘Arrange icons by‘ there will be the option. Your icons are now effectively unclickable.

Tricky Shortcuts for Windows
Tricky Shortcuts for Windows

Close any application instantly

Press Ctrl + F4 You can use this shortcut just about any MS Office program or any software in windows. This shortcut immediately exits the document that is currently running and will most probably upset the victim. So be ready to run away just in case he or she gets violent. You can also use Alt + F4  to shut down any program.

Shut down PC instantly

Press Windows + D then Alt + F4 then press enter. This Shortcut shut down any Window PC instantly. The first command basically get you to desktop and Alt + F4 opens the shut down option and pressing enter will shut it down.

Close any program in a sec

Press Windows + M This shortcut is it also closes all your opened programs, it basically minimizes the window.

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Magnify everything on PC

Press Windows key + ‘+’ then Ctrl + Alt + F. This shortcut makes your screen bigger, which can annoy users who prefer a certain screen size.

Windows key + ‘+’ then windows key + ‘-‘ then Ctrl + Alt + I. This shortcut can turn the colors on your monitor screen upside down; it’s another great prank to make it seem that the computer is busted. But we know it’s not. Yeah!

Reveal Browsing history simply

Press Ctrl + H on any browser of PC. This shortcut can instantly opens up all the browsing history of any computer, you can use this keyboard shortcut to get easy access to browsing history of any person’s PC. Be warned though, that this can reveal way too much information about your friend, so be ready for anything before trying this out.

Rotate the screen of Computer

Press Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow This shortcut key magically rotates your monitor screens to 180 degrees. It would be very interesting to see someone try to log in to their PC and be surprised by an upside down screen.
But Remember this key only works with computers who have Intel graphics chipsets and may not work on all PCs.

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Make Num Lock button Beep on press

Press Left Alt + Left Shift then Enter. This command will make your Num Lock key beep every time it is pressed. It doesn’t do any harm but it can make your friend’s computer seem broken by giving off an odd beep.
And again this shortcut may not work with all Window PC.

That all in the list of shortcuts If you know more such amazing shortcuts share with us in the comment area.

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