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There are so many apps in the market to ease your financial management. But seeing the huge number of such apps, people get confused about which app to choose. Also, they find security a concern. Since there money is involved in you cannot take any risks.

Keeping in mind these factors, we have compiled a list of some apps which will help you manage your finances easily. You can choose any of these apps as per your needs and requirements.

So, if you are looking for any such app, this article is meant for you.


Savart is an app which is built to make investments into stocks and mutual funds easy. Savart also offers financial advisor’s quality advice at the cost of a coffee. To begin with, you can download the app on your android or iOS mobile device. You can also use it on your laptop by reaching out to their site Simply sign up to begin your journey.

MANAGING FINANCES mobile tech savvy apps

You can sign up using your email id or phone number. KYC is necessary to make the investment. There are three ways to complete the KYC – eKYC, CKYC, and doorstep KYC. The psychometric analysis of savart helps the experts to understand the user’s temperament and needs, which helps in building better suggestions.

They have a compilation of best mutual funds and stocks picked up for you. These mutual funds and apps have made their way through ruthless scrutiny of expert human eyes and intelligent algorithms.

You can switch the app to manual mode if you want to take control of your investments. You can then use it to search, research and invest into stocks & mutual funds by yourself.

It has partnered with BSE to bring seamless mutual fund investment options. It has also partnered with Upstox to give you an experience of best and paperless broker of India. Simply log in to the Upstox demat through savart to view your advice and investments.


Mint is a one-stop app to get all your finances in one place. Mint allows you to create budgets easily. You can also see their suggestions based on your spending.

As far as the bills are concerned, you can track your bills like never before. They give you alerts when it is time to pay so that you never miss one.

You can see your bills and money together so that you know what is due, when it is due, and what you can pay.

They also give you alerts for any unusual account changes. Apart from this, they also give you custom tips for reducing expenses and saving more money.

You can also get your free credit score and learn how you can improve it to get the things you want later.

It is very simple to set up your free account and, of course, help is available if you should ever need it.

As far as your safety is concerned, all the data and information is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level and the data exchanged with Mint is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

Mint is vast enough to help your money make sense without much effort. There is no wrong way of using the mint app. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. You are surely going to like how life-changing something so simple can be.

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WALNUT – money made simple

Walnut is a money manager app and is a one of the best apps in its category. Using walnut you can see your expenses categorized into sections like food, entertainment or shopping etc.

Walnut also offers a great feature called CleanSMS. Using this feature you can automatically block spam SMS & keep your SMS inbox clean.

Apart from this, walnut also helps you to split spends. You can simply send or request money for free and without any hassle. There is no need of wallets. You also need not share personal details such as your account number and IFSC code with any one in order to send or receive money.

Using walnut, you can even pay your VISA credit card bill directly from the app. There are neither any hidden charges nor any fees for the bill payment. Other cards and billers will be added soon.

It also reminds you to pay your bills such as credit cards, mobiles or DTH on time. This will save you from spending extra on late fees.

It also lets you check your bank balance with using internet data. You need not pay ATM over use fee just to check the account balance.

Use the app with friends and roommates to split and settle spends on vacations, eating out or daily expenses.


Splitwise is one of the best apps to share bills and IOU’s and make sure that everyone gets paid back.

The Splitwise app allows you to keep track of apartment bills, group vacations, random IOUs and many more such things.

You can simply log in to check your available balance and add new expenses. The app sends you to push notifications with every update and also when your important bills are due.

You can use the app to split household bills with roommates, or to figure out costs for a group trip or to remember when a friend spots yours for lunch.

You can easily view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders for bills, and much more!

If you are using it in the iOS device, you can also purchase the in-app purchase – Splitwise Pro. Some of the benefits of Spiltwise pro are –

  1. 10GB cloud storage
  2. OCR integration for scanning receipts
  3. Backups to JSON
  4. Open exchange rates integration for converting bills to various currencies.


Using the google pay app or Tez you can do the following things –

  1. Google pay allows you to send and receive money from your friends and family
  2. You can also pay your mobile, card or DTH bills
  3. Also, you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone.
  4. You can even buy items using google pay.

You get a world-class security system that helps detect fraud and prevent hacking. There are multiple layers of security from your bank, UPI and lastly google. You can also safeguard your account with a device lock method such as your fingerprint.

Simply send money without sharing your personal details such as your phone number or account number.


Google sheets make your data more attractive with colorful charts and graphs. There are built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting features to save your time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks.

There is a wide variety of budgets, schedules and other pre-made spreadsheets to choose from. They are made to make your work much better and easier.

You can easily access, create or edit the sheets wherever you go – from your phone or tablet or pc – even when there is no internet connectivity.

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All the work you do in google sheets is automatically saved as you type. They provide an explore panel to give you an overview of your data, from informative summaries to a selection of pre-populated charts to choose from.

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