Lesser-Known Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction is not uncommon, and it presents itself in various ways, with erectile dysfunction being the most frequently occurring form. Formerly called impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain and maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse. ED can occur from time to time in many men, and that is normal. However, some individuals suffer consistent and progressive erectile dysfunction. In such instances, finding the right treatment is imperative, and for that, you need to understand the cause. Various health issues like cardiovascular diseases are well-known as causes of ED. Some other causes are not very common, and knowing about them can help a great deal in reducing risks and seeking treatment.

Psychological Factors

Stress is well known to interfere with sexual performance. However, several other mental issues can lead to erectile dysfunction too. Low self-esteem can cause feelings of inferiority, which in turn affects performance in bed. Any number of factors can contribute to low self-esteem, with physical flaws are the most common. A person who feels inadequate in some way or another can suffer from reduced self-confidence, leaving the door open for other problems to creep in like erectile dysfunction. For some people, it might only take a single failure at work to erode their self-worth.

Traumatic Causes

When the pelvic area suffers trauma, it can result in erectile dysfunction. A traumatic event does not have to be a major incident like an accident. Riding a bike might seem harmless; in fact, it’s good for one’s health. However, prolonged contact with the bike seat can cause trauma to the genital area. The result is a decreased feeling in the pelvic region. Horseback riding can pose the same dangers.

Hairloss Medication

Hair Loss

That some drugs cause performance issues is not surprising. However, most people only know about common medication like treatments for hypertension and heart conditions. Did you know trying to treat male pattern baldness can mess with sexual performance? Various drugs that are designed to fight hair loss can reduce sex drive. Why is that? The medication works by inhibiting dihydrotestosterone in the blood – this is the hormone responsible for maintaining libido.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

The right treatment depends on the underlying issue. In cases where psychological distress is the problem, counseling is an appropriate approach. Psychotherapy can solve various troubles, allowing an individual to overcome the obstacles to healthy sex life. Some cases of erectile dysfunction require medication and therapy. There are ED specialists, like the ones from Male Excel, who can prescribe you medication or recommend therapy, if needed.

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Natural remedies are growing increasingly popular in the treatment of ED. The effectiveness of alternative treatments depends on the specific problem. Acupuncture is one of the go-to natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Some studies indicate that acupuncture can increase the quality of erections. Alternatively, dehydroepiandrosterone is a natural hormone made from southern and wild yam that you can take as a supplement. The treatment is particularly suitable for people with diabetes.

For a person who has to cycle regularly, using a bike with a soft seat helps. Some models include a specially tailored seat with cushioning to decrease the pressure to the perineum. 

Treatment medicines

Lifestyle changes are highly recommended for an individual suffering from erectile dysfunction. Overconsumption of alcohol is among the biggest causes of ED. Therefore, controlling how much you drink is crucial. Avoiding fatty foods and high sodium content helps as well. Generally, a good diet contributes to excellent health, which reflects positively on your sexual performance. Other recommendations include exercising regularly, stopping smoking, sleeping well, and managing stress.

ED is a problem that many men have in common. The condition can be due to any number of mental, emotional, or physical issues. Erectile dysfunction, when left untreated, can manifest into other problems like stress and depression. Learning the cause is critical in deciding on the right treatment regimen.

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