Key Ways Field Force Management Software Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Having no information about your real estate agents can cause managers to panic, and the same could be the scene with field agents. But field force management software can easily solve this problem through its tracking features and tools. The software serves not only managers but also helps field agents provide clients with a holistic experience.

Also, the software automates the procedure when it comes to internal functioning, like tracking each employee’s performance quality and sales. This is a huge benefit as it saves managers time and effort. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone with field force automation software.

Challenges Real Estate Companies Suffer From

No company in any industry grows without challenges. And same is the situation with real estate companies. Since managers have to handle several field agents, such as brokers and sellers, and in-office employees and clients, the manager can sometimes fall short of visibility and time.

It is also part of the designation that managers have to make sure that the employees are working at the top of their capacity, and in doing so, they face several hurdles and challenges, such as:

Scheduling Conflicts

Not every real estate agent can sell every property. Each agent has their skill and niche in which he is an expert. And managers are required to know this. Assigning the wrong agent to showcase the property to clients can cause difficulty in locking the deal, and additionally, it might even cost you a client.

Documentation Trouble 

When dealing with properties, many legal documents must be dealt with. Now carrying them in physical form causes agents stress as they have to be extra careful of them so as not to spill tea or protect papers from rain and theft. All this is a hassle for field agents.

Additionally, they must get certain paperwork filled out from clients, like feedback forms. Finally, traveling back to the office daily is another headache they complain about.

Difficulty in Tracking

When done manually, keeping track of your real estate agents can be time-consuming and too much effort. It can be distracting and undermining for the agent as well to attend to update calls while with clients.

Lack of Visibility

Managers already have a lot on their plate, and keeping track of all the tasks allotted and deals locked can be hard. Accountability is crucial for employees to prove that they have met with the client. 

Fragmented Communication

Fragmented communication bubbles up between real estate agents and managers because of the distance between the two. The gap can kill the productivity and the efficiency of the agents. They have to wait to receive information essential for locking deals.

Delayed Reimbursements

Each employee needs motivation and productivity to perform their best. Managers often overlook this factor and then wonder why the employees are not working to the best of their capacity. It is due to the lack of incentives like instant reimbursements.

What is a Field Force Management Software

Field force management software is automation software designed to help promote the productivity and efficiency of real estate agents. Not only that, the software can help managers manage their field agents easily while also helping optimize their capacity to the maximum. 

Since it automates a lot of the company’s repetitive and mundane operations and kills field agents’ productivity, the employees can perform better and meet their deadlines more often.

How does Field Force Management Software Help Real Estate Industries? 

The field force management software is designed to not only track your real estate agents but also to manage them in a much more efficient manner. Its features can help you with multiple benefits like productive agents, accountability, and satisfied clients.

Field force monitoring software has a long list of features that can help the real estate agent lock deals much faster, along with managers supervising them in doing so.

Insights into Real Estate Agent’s Expertise

Since managers need to know each agent’s expertise to assign him property and other tasks, the software can help. The software can generate real-time reports that in detail can show agents’ expertise, strengths, weaknesses, and strengths. This can be a great help for them in assigning tasks accordingly.

Share Property Details

Clear-cut communication is necessary for field agents to lock deals. They need to know every minute detail of the property to sell it. The built-in box comes in handy for such situations provided by the software.

Another benefit of a built-in chat box is that it eliminates the need for multiple operating platforms, which can be distracting and battery-draining. The chat box helps the on-field agents communicate efficiently with their managers and other team members.

Digitalize Property Documents

Field force automation software lets the agents digitalize their documents, so they don’t have to carry physical copies. However, since many legal documents are dealt with, losing them can create chaos and havoc. To avoid such a scenario, it is best to upload them online on the cloud storage provided by the software. 

Track Real Estate Agents in Real-time

Tracking employees becomes crucial when dealing with on-field agents. The software lets the managers track their employees in real-time with the least amount of buffering. As a result, not only location but also tasks completed or pending can be viewed instantly.

Appointment Reminders for Real Estate Agents

The software provides notification and alert features to ensure that real estate agents reach for property showcasing on time. In addition, agents will be periodically notified of their upcoming meetings.

Travel Reimbursement

Investing in good field force tracking software is necessary for companies reimbursing according to the kilometers traveled. Because it can accurately tell the kilometers traveled, route taken, and fuel consumed. All that data makes reimbursing agents easy and instant.

Let TrackoField Help Your Real Estate Company

Field force management software can be of great help in not only tracking your real estate but also in helping you manage your agents well. Since it automates many functions, agents have time to focus on their pitches and clients.

TrackoField is a leading field employee monitoring software that can help you monitor your employees from afar yet accurately with the help of cutting-throat features and tools.

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