If Only There Was a Law Against IT Systems Not Working Properly

It might surprise you to know that, as the world of tech grows faster than most people can keep up with and, many IT companies are branding themselves as ‘Total Managed IT Support Specialists’, others are not. Amongst the myriad of ‘new’ IT support services it’s almost refreshing to see some firms sticking to what they know, and do extremely well;

Why the sudden increase in ‘Total Support Specialists?

There are a number of reasons, but for the most part, and the most logical of reasons, the past few years have been really difficult for loads of businesses. If you are in the business of law then you’ve probably been involved in a number of cases which outlined how important law firm IT support is, as you’ve seen companies that have had to be dissolved or sold on. 

No doubt, because there were areas of their business that just weren’t prepared for, things such as eCommerce. One way that some companies have managed to stay afloat, is to rebrand themselves as a new, one stop shop for all and every IT service you could possibly think of, and it’s proved to be a good idea for a lot of people. However, that may not be the case when it comes to something like law. 

Does it really work?

Some companies have done a really good job and managed to retain their level of professional expertise, for others though it’s kind of complicated. Imagine having 10 really specialist, business critical tasks to manage, and do them to the best of your ability, it’s enough to set off anxiety, at the best of times.

Even if those 10 tasks or job roles were divided between 5 employees, they’re still having to wear ‘two hats’ and, perhaps can’t dedicate the right time, effort, care and attention to detail that the customers need.

Have things gone backwards?

It’s the whole reason that business made the choice to become specialists in the first place, there are untold benefits of dealing with a specialist, an expert in what they do as opposed to having a general practitioner managing and advising one of the most important functions of your business. It’s kind of similar to having a sit down with your GP, only to find out that you should be speaking with a dedicated specialist!

Stick to your guns

As mentioned above, there are IT support teams that specialise in managing the IT systems for law firms, they have made a conscious decision to remain consistent and to stick at what they do best. They provide very specific, potentially life changing support and advice to their clients and, with the backup of genuine specialists of their trade, it has enabled law firms to be even more efficient, providing an even better, seamless service to their clients. 

The result is that the law firms can be more productive and more successful in terms of winning a case which, let’s face it, is what they use the IT systems for in the first place. The more cases that are ruled in their favor, then the more money they’ll make, they should also acquire new clients based on referrals too!

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