How to Rebrand Your Old Website?

The user traffic is more inclined to explore sites that do constant touch-ups. The sites with the same old design and description seem outdated to the users. They feel like the site owners, or the service is not effective anymore, as the site does not communicate anything new. Website rebranding is one of the greatest tricks to create hype and attract users’ attention.

Site rebranding can help see a spike in user traffic in an otherwise almost dull site. So do not take it lightly, and do not dodge the users with a minimal facelift. Site rebranding should not only be focused on appearance but the quality of experience it offers to the users. It is only possible by planning all the aspects in advance and using expert help to achieve the goals.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore how you can rebrand your old website and give it a new look and feel to attract the target users.

Top 6 Steps to Rebrand Old-Fashioned Websites

You are mistaken if you believe sticking to your decade-old website communicates the message of reliability to your target audience. It only shows that you are reluctant to accept the changing times and move with them. It also communicates that you are not ready to meet your user traffic’s changing needs and demands. So, website branding is necessary every now and then, and a few definite steps can help you get started.

Here are the major steps you need to follow to rebrand your old-fashioned websites and attract more user traffic.

1. Change Your Hosting Providers

Changing your hosting service provider is the basic step to rebranding your old-fashioned website. You can evaluate the performance of the older hosting service and find the loopholes hindering its perfect functioning. You can also use it as a criterion to look for suitable hosting options. Many site owners consult website hosting Dubai based service providers and use expert recommendations to pick the best option for their site and ensure better performance.

2. Pick a New Domain Name

It is often advised to change the company’s name for a perfect rebranding. It means the name on the site and domain name also needs to be changed. You can pick a domain name well suited to the brand image you want to create or endorse. Verify you are not picking a domain name having numerous spammy links attached to it. It can prove hectic if you lack knowledge in the field. You can also ask your hosting service provider for help and pick the best domain name.

Making a new logo is the next step you should take for rebranding your old website. Changing the logo communicates the willingness to take actions necessary with the changing times. It is not only meant for the visual facelift of the site. The logo should align well with the new image and vision you are promoting through website rebranding. You can also experiment with the logo’s colors and give it a completely new look. It will help you get noticed by your target audience.

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4. Change the Overall Tone and Color Palette

Changing the overall tone and color palette of the website is the next step you can consider for rebranding. The traffic used to the old website will be stunned by the change. Instead of landing on their specific part of the site, they will pay a detailed visit to the site to identify all the changes. It will provide a fresh experience for the site traffic and attract newer users. It will also communicate your efforts of working for the better louder and clear.

5. Plan Website Launch

Planning a website launch is the next step you need to take for a complete website rebranding. The website launch is not as simple as pressing a button and thinking you are done with it. Instead, make sure to create a copy of your old website and keep data backup. On top of this, make sure to keep the data of users, like the contact details, delivery address, and account details, intact. Do not attempt the launch on your own if you lack expertise, and leave it to the professionals only.

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6. Analyze the Need for Server Management

Analyzing the need for server management is the last step you can follow to rebrand your old-fashioned website. Site owners often opt for unmanaged hosting plans, thinking they will manage the server on their own. However, it requires professional skills and expertise, along with extensive time investment. If you lack in any of these areas, managed service is an ideal option for you. Contact Dubai Web Hosting Company and opt for managed plans so experts manage your server efficiently and not let it hinder performance.

Does your site need rebranding?

If yes, make sure to start from the basics. Looking for a new and reliable web host is the first thing you need to do. Instead of trusting amateurs, contact and consult professional hosting service providers to ensure perfect hosting solutions and rebranding for your site.

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