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How to Rank Cannabis Content: An SEO Deep Drive

Rank Cannabis Content

Search Engine Optimization has become crucial for every business whose goal is to boost its online presence. The cannabis industry is one of the major sectors looking for better ways to enhance SEO performance because of the vast competition right now. In this article, you learn how to perform SEO correctly to help you get effective results for your cannabis business.

Does a Cannabis Website Need SEO Optimization?

NO website on the entire internet can compete with other huge sites without using SEO as its weapon. If you want to appear on the first page of Google, then you need SEO, despite whether you are a cannabis business or an electronics shop.

Let’s now look at the best tips to help you ensure you perform the best SEO optimization.

1. Analyze Organic Search

The first thing that you must do before starting your cannabis SEO strategy is analyzing the existing SEO score. So, you need to check your website for the following:

  • What unique keywords do visitors use to find your business or content?
  • The number of unique users your site gets from organic search
  • The most popular and top performing pages
  • The number of do-follow links built

You can find all this data easily by checking your site’s Google Analytics account. With this info, you can now analyze and see what your top 10 pages have in common. You can find the articles on your site that educate on CBD’s health benefits, types of marijuana strains, the origin of CBD, etc.

These pages could have some similarities, such as their:

  • Length
  • Quality
  • The applied on-page SEO technique
  • Number of images used

Finding this information will help you to ensure that your other blog posts follow the same methods hence providing better SEO results. Besides it, for increased rankings, you may opt for white label link building plans from reputed agencies, which would help build trusted & authentic do-follow backlinks with the help of bloggers outreach.

2. Understand How People Search

You must understand how marijuana users search when they are looking for any products your business sells. Knowing the keywords people use is vital, but you should also understand how your audience performs certain searches.

Nowadays, people have different ways of searching for the products they want. Also, searching on a mobile device is considerably different from doing so on laptop/desktop devices. This difference is mostly influenced by voice search.

It means that you should understand how the cannabis audience uses search engines. The best thing to do is test how your SEO optimization is affecting organic traffic and start using more conversation keywords to get better results from voice search.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Optimize for Mobile

Making your website mobile-friendly should be one of your major goals if you want better SEO results. Like other internet users, your cannabis audience spends a lot of time on their mobile phones. Therefore, you must understand their search habits and how they differ from those using computers.

Ask yourself this, how would you search when you are looking for a cannabis-related product considering you are in a hurry? And, would you wait for the website to load if you found it very slow? If you find that the dispensary’s site is slow, you are most likely to hit the exit button and look for an alternative.

You can make your website more mobile-friendly by applying these tactics:

  • Boost your site’s speed
  • Use a mobile-focused or responsive theme
  • Avoid using excessive ads
  • Use a simple design
  • Use significantly large font texts
  • Make the buttons big enough to ensure they work on smartphones

4. Use Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly another major way to promote any business online, including marijuana dispensaries. Google will trust your site more if you have a huge number of shares and engagement on your social media pages. It is something that will always help you to rank higher on search results.

It means that Google will focus more on the content that is popular on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts hence higher rankings. So, Google will index these pages much faster than others that are not receiving as much attention from your audience.

You should also note that the more engagement you get from your social media content, the more signals Google gets. Google uses these signals as trusted recommendations and ranks you higher. Therefore, although social media shares are not a primary ranking factor, ensuring you increase them will boost your SEO strategy significantly with more traffic.

5. Incorporate Video Content

Incorporate Video Content

Not many cannabis businesses use video to market their dispensaries or websites. You can take advantage of this fact to help make your business stand out more. Videos are becoming a popular way to communicate with website visitors because many people now prefer watching to get information compared to reading it.

Videos are also more engaging, enabling you to ensure readers stay for long on your site, which reduces the bounce rate. The following are some actionable tips to help you provide optimized video content:

  • Integrate some video content in almost every content on your website.
  • Optimize the video and audio quality. Do not forget about the images and graphics too.
  • Use relevant keywords on all your videos’ descriptions and titles.

Video content might seem hard to produce but should not be the case as people just want something informative and quite engaging. It doesn’t have to be extra-long or include a lot of action. Use what you have, and you can create more advanced videos in the future after seeing some results.

In Summary

We are living in times when ranking your business is vital, especially if you have a website. Having a business site and not making any efforts to get enough people to see it won’t give you the results you need. You must take action. From this article, you can see five of the best steps that you can take to help you gain better SEO and start seeing more traffic.

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