How to Fix dxgi.dll Error on PUBG

A big fan of PUBG? You might have seen this error before, as it targets a lot of users lately. You launch the game and instead of loading, you get an error regarding the dxgi.dll file – the system cannot find it. You must reinstall the application. It sounds like a hassle, but there are ways to go around it and enjoy your favorite game. Here are a few common fixes.

Get the dxgi.dll file from another source

There are a few ways to get the dxgi.dll file. First, if you play with your friends, ask one of them to find the file and email it to you. The file is usually located in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/PUBG/TslGame/Binaries/Win64 or they can perform a simple system search for it.

Download it from DLL Installer, throw it in the same directory and you are ready to go. If you play with random people, replacing your dxgi.dll file is just as easy – there are a few trustworthy sources out there that allow you to download it. Simply get it and copy it in the right directory – PUBG will run again.

Delete or rename dxgi.dll

The dxgi.dll file has a simple purpose in PUBG – it helps with the Reshade effect. Renaming or deleting it will prevent the game from trying to find it. Go to the above mentioned directory or simply search for it. Once you find it, give it a different name or simply delete it.

Restart the computer and try to launch PUBG again. While deleting the file will fix the game, you will no longer be able to use the Reshade effect. However, the effect will be back once a new patch or update will be released.

Install DirectX

The dxgi.dll file is associated with DirectX. In fact, it is one of its main features. In order to lose this issue, you can try reinstalling the DirectX Web Runtime Package. The package is available in Microsoft’s official website. Choose the language and download it. Install it and restart the computer. PUBG should now work again.

missing dll

Update the graphics card driver

Whether a driver is missing or it is outdated, such issues can also cause PUBG to malfunction – most commonly, by preventing you from loading the game due to the dxgi.dll file. Updating the graphics card driver is the way to go then. You can do it automatically or manually.

To do it automatically, you can use software that updates your drivers to the latest versions. Such programs identify the right drivers based on the system you use. There are lots of options out there – many of them available for free.

To do it manually, you should know precisely what graphics card you have. Reach to the official website, download the latest version, install it and restart the computer. You might need some computer skills to do it right though.

Open Steam as an administrator

So, you cannot load the game – simply drop it. Log out of the Steam account and restart the computer. When back, right click in the Steam application and run it as an administrator – you should have an option there.

Login to it again, and then try to open PUBG. The error should be gone.

Bottom line

As a short final conclusion, replacing or downloading the dxgi.dll file is probably the main solution when you can no longer play PUBG. However, there are more options worth a try and each of them can help you bypass this problematic error. Any of the above mentioned solutions will help against the dxgi.dll error, even if some of them may have mild side effects – such as losing the Reshade effect.​

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