How to Bring an Authentic Start-up Vibe to Any Office

There is just something so magical about a start-up. All that potential, all that youthful energy contained in one specific place. For many, it’s a sign of a new life, of a new adventure. Buts that’s not all they have. They are famed for their openness to new things, passion, and dedication to work itself. 

Rarely will you see business as open and as creative as a Start-up? A start-up is also defined by its flexibility. Since they are not that large, and not that complex, a start-up can grow, it can move, it shifts into whatever direction you want it to go to. It is this flexibility and openness that much larger, older companies lack. 

Now, many of these aspects are simply not possible to apply when it comes to a business. You can’t really move that much, you can’t really shift completely. But you can do it subtly, you can add some of this flexibility to your own company. Getting an authentic start-up vibe to your office can inspire your people, it can motivate you and your employees towards getting things done. So, read on below to find out what you can do to make this idea into a reality.

Stick to a design that represents you as a group

No, we are not just talking about your logo (although this matters as well). Rather, you should move towards something that represents your group in the best manner possible. Stick to a special, hidden logo, an in-joke, an insider’s secret that only you and your teammates understand.

Then, the actual design of your offices should also be unique. Namely, avoid regular office like the plague. Cubicles and neon lights have been an ill omen of corporate greed and bureaucracy for two decades now. Rather, go for comfort, for wood and stone, things that are rustic and warm, and far away from the office as possible.

Or, maybe something softer, free-flowing, more akin to the energy you want to reflect. Hire a designer if you have to, get some soft edges, some flowing motifs and bright colors in your place. If you have a garden outside, hire some premier property maintenance services and have these reflect your business as well. Keep things light, quirky, flowing, flexible. 

Implement conveniences

You work hard, you play hard. Why not get some modern conveniences in the office, and make things as fun and as relaxing as possible. We suggest things like a pool table, foosball table, or maybe even a gym if you can afford it. 

Bring an Authentic Start-up Vibe to Any Office

If you’re stuck on a specific problem, why not have a quick game of foosball to speed things up and clear your head? Maybe a game of pool can help you unwind and then get back to work with renewed vigour.

Namely, a start-up uses these things not to slack off, but to get better results. A start-up is not anchored by old notions of what a workplace should be. Rather, it’s all about getting the best results, lowering stress, and having an open mind.

Accommodate different work styles

A true start-up understands that flexibility can also be seen in how we do our work. Namely, you don’t have to do all you have to do during a nine to five schedule. Rather, why not let your people do what suits them the most? Let them choose their own hours. As long as the job gets done, what does it matter if they do their work however they see fit from home?

This is also perfect for people who have children, or who simply have passions that would be interfered with by a regular, rigid schedule.

Create casual meeting areas

Now what also makes start-ups stand out is the focus on creating a healthy work culture. Now, one of the best ways you can do this is by designating specific casual meeting areas. Now, these are supposed to be non-traditional meeting spaces, these are places where you can let your creative juices flow, where you can encourage people’s ideas, avoid rigid thinking.

How to Bring an Authentic Start-up Vibe to Any Office

Things like bean bag chairs, card table’s swings, hammocks, all of them surrounding a whiteboard seem a bit comical. However, spaces like these serve as reminders that structure doesn’t need to be so strict, that it’s not your primary concern at these specific situations. Rather, what you should focus on are creativity and comfort.


And there you have it folks, a couple of ways you can nurture that feeling of freedom and passion that oh so often accompanies start-ups. Getting this kind of vibe into your office is exactly what you need to get the old juices flowing, to rekindle the old flame you had for your work, and to dominate your chosen field. 

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