How to Free up Memory Space on Iphone – iOS storage full

You must have encountered low mobile phone memory on old Iphone. But all this problem would not be there in iOS 10.3 upgrade because the Apple latest upgrade version is using the latest APFS file system. Continue reading this whole post to know more about APFS and how it would be helpful in Freeing up the Memory Space on Iphone

What actually is APFS?

APFS means Apple File System.  Apple has proposed to build a new file system at WWDC 2016 Conference. APFS file system technology is specifically designed for flash memory and SSD Optimization. APFS can fully enhance the storage performance of equipment and provides data security.

 Free up Memory Space on Iphone

Foreign media Apple Insider measured that After upgrading to iOS 10.3, a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus (With 40,000 photos and 200 apps) system has 7.81 GB of more free space. and even more, the amazing measure was that the total storage space after upgrading went up from 248.5 GB to 252.14 GB. The total increment of 3.64 GB.

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Advantages of APFS:

1) Compatibility of APFS

The compatibility of new generation of APFD file system is very strong. From small gadgets such Apple Watch to large devices like Mac Pro and all iPhone equipment are compatible with APFS file system.

2) Data encryption of APFS

Security and privacy are the basis of APFS design. Apple’s devices and operating systems already have encryption capabilities. OS X 10.7 Lion began to provide full disk encryption while iOS 4 provides dedicated data protection technology to each file using a private key to encrypt. APFS integrates these two functions to provide a unified encryption pattern for file system metadata.

iOS storage full - APFS details

Encryption is a native feature of APFS. Users can choose any of the following encryption methods for each volume:

  1. Unencrypted
  2. Unified with one key encryption
  3. Multi-key encryption (for each file using a dedicated key encryption, Sensitive metadata using a separate key). 

Multi-key encryption ensures that even if the physical security of the device is compromised, the integrity of the user data can still be guaranteed. Depending on the hardware, APFS encryption can use the AES-XTS or AES-CBC algorithm.

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This encryption mechanism also implements an extra feature: faster data erasure.

Free up Iphone Memory Space

Normally, when a user deletes a file from the device, the deleted content can be retrieved through many (free or paid) anti-removal software available on the market.

To avoid this, if you need to delete a file that contains confidential information or if you need to retire a device that has stored your private data to someone else, you must first erase the storage device by using the erase function and may want to execute this process all over. Depending on the storage capacity, the entire process will take a lot of time.

iOS storage full

But for storage devices that use the APFS file system, the process of secure wiping would become much more simpler and quicker after enabling encryption. It also eliminating the need to spend a lot of time filling the storage device with random data multiple times.

So to free up Memory space on Iphone just upgrade it to Latest version which include APFS. That would automatically free up the total memory space of iOS.

Upgrade the iOS to latest APFS

Installing the update on iPhone is very easy, it can be done as follows:

# Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

To free up the Iphone space more further. You can use different Apps that helps in wiping the unused data and app data. You can also clear cache memory to improve memory management of iOS.

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