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Eliminate Pigmentation Without Harming Your Skin With Picosure

Pigmentation Without Harming Your Skin With Picosure

Anyone with flawless skin oozes incomparable confidence. However, aging and acne spots make your skin lose its glow, giving you a prematurely aged appearance that is no longer attractive. To eliminate aesthetic flaws, you must know your options. There are several treatment options your aesthetician might recommend to help revamp your youthful glow, including a facelift and dermal fillers. If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment with no downtime, Wildwood picosure is an option you should discuss with your doctor. The laser treatment addresses cosmetic issues like unwanted tattoos, discoloration, freckles and sunspots. Additionally, your doctor might use the procedure to enhance skin texture, resulting from scarring.

How does picosure treatment work?

The treatment addresses aesthetic concerns using different wavelengths, making it ideal in treating pigmentations of varying intensities. The advanced technology bypasses your skin, targeting your chromophore to help achieve your desired look in a few treatments. Thus, picosure targets your melanin to treat a wide range of pigmentary issues. Your doctor will use the 755nm, which has various wavelengths to target deep tattoo inks like green or black and 532nm on lighter inks like yellow or orange.

What happens during an acne scar removal treatment?

The laser treatment entails using ultra-short pulses to address the deep layers of your skin to treat your support structure. Your body’s healing process eliminates your old and damaged tissues, replacing them with fresh elastin and collagen, responsible for rejuvenating your skin’s appearance. Besides being an effective treatment, you are likely to tolerate the acne scar treatment because it is fast, simple and requires minimal or no downtime. The best part about the treatment is that your doctor can use it to address acne scars on any area of your body. Additionally, the process works for many skin types, including light and dark skins.

What does the treatment feel like?

The treatment is tolerable and does not require a numbing cream or your doctor to administer anesthesia. Since the treatment delivers laser energy in short pulses, you may compare the rays to the snap of a rubber band. Your healthcare professional will advise you to clean the area to minimize irritation after the procedure. The doctor might also give you additional post-op instructions you need to accelerate your recovery.

Your healthcare provider might suggest more than one treatment session to enhance your appearance and give you a youthful appearance. However, dark and deep lesions might require several treatments to give you the desired appearance.    

How many treatment sessions might you need to achieve your desired results?

To help you achieve a flawless appearance, the medical professional might suggest a series of approximately 3-4sessions at intervals of around 2-4weeks. However, you might need an interval of up to 8weeks, especially if you have dark skin. Like any treatment process, you should expect side effects like mild swelling and tenderness on the treatment area that might linger for approximately 24hours.

Every skin type is different and might require a varying number of sessions to achieve your dream glow. Therefore, before your initial appointment, your doctor will evaluate your skin and the severity of your condition. Contact your aesthetician for more information on picosure to know if the laser treatment is your ideal treatment option.

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