On Backlinks – Part in Offsite SEO and the Easiest Ways to Obtain Those

As you may already know, SEO strategy does not end up in developing the list of keywords for a site. It’s known that the latter is only about one part of it and that SEO can be divided into three parts: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO. 

And why is this all so complicated? – you could ask. Well, the reason is different goals those parts have. This article is dedicated to off-page SEO and building backlinks as its necessary part.  

Why is off-page SEO so crucial?

To put it simply, on-page SEO techniques (such as putting keywords into a site’s content) serves the goal of showing to Internet users websites that are useful and relevant to their queries. With the help of keywords, search engines can recognize a page as suitable for the query search result.

Off-page SEO methods have a bit different goal – to show that a site is authoritative and worthwhile. It helps search engines to filter reliable and deserving sites among tons of others.

As you can see, both the on-page and offsite SEO techniques serve to improve information quality and customers’ satisfaction. And only working in a couple can those strategies bring a site to the top of SERPs. 

First, a webpage should get optimized in terms of search engines on-site, and the off-page optimization must go second. It’s like a polishing, “beautifying” step, which is necessary to have the skyrocketing results of your SEO campaign that exists to bring your website to the highest positions on SERPs!

Backlink SEO for a web source is the principal part of off-site optimization. In this article, you will get to know the top tactics of backlink SEO for your website’s search engine optimization. Together with those, we will also provide you with tutorials on their usage.

 Still, we recommend you buying premium backlinks from special services such as Adsy.com as this will allow you to save a lot of your time and energy!

1.  Make backlinks from your brand mentions.

Actually, it’s great by itself to have your brand mentioned anywhere on the Internet if truth be told. Mentions are known to be a lot more worthwhile when they are accompanied with links to their subject. But oftentimes mentions happen to lack those links. 

And in your instance, this could happen too – publishers or bloggers or journalists could mention your project but forgot to insert the link to your source in their mentions. That is, of course, sad, but you could easily turn the situation to your benefit. All you need is first to find the unlinked mentions of your project and/or its site.

You will then need to contact administrators of sites with those mentions to add a link to your source. A comprehensive tutorial on how to work with off-page SEO techniques is available in A Simple Guide to Turning (Unlinked) Brand Mentions into Links on Ahrefs blog.

2.  If they are linked to your competitors, they owe you too!

That’s pretty common to see a fresh article in a blog that directly relates to your niche, where some of your competitors’ projects are mentioned. So, those projects together with links to them are mentioned in one or more of that article’s paragraphs typed in, say, a cool Serif font, and you with your business and efforts you put in it – were kept aside as if this all didn’t exist. 

Yep, that hurts, and something inside could start starving for a glass of whiskey with a cigarette… But there’s no reason for sadness: having discovered that an article with your project was neglected, you, on the contrary, should be happy!

As, again, you could use that all for your benefit. Suppose the authors of that article mentioned your competitors’ businesses. In that case, they could also mention your project and put the backlink to it, which would add value to their material.

In case you discover any mentions with links to your competitors’ businesses at any sources on the Internet. In that case, you can contact those sites’ owners or webmasters and ask to mention your project too. And that would be a win-win deal!

See the full guide on How to Find Your Competitors Backlinks on Seomechanic.

3.  Turn broken links into your backlinks.

This tactic is among the easiest to get backlinks to your project, as it’s another win-win strategy. By using this strategy, you help search engines get rid of 404 error pages in search results and get backlinks to your project with ease. 

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But to make everything work smoothly, you need to do some work:

  1.   First, you need to clearly understand what piece of content on your site can be of interest to the public.
  2.   Next, you should find sites with similar content where broken links are detected.
  3.   Finally, you need to contact webmasters or owners of those sites, turn their attention to the problem and offer to solve it by replacing the broken link with the working one to your site.

Read A Full Guide to Broken Link Building on Semrush to learn more on this topic. 

By the way, you can combine this tactic with the previous one, – and make backlinks with the help of your competitors’ broken links! Got inspired by such a strategy? – Then go win back what’s yours with the guideline on How to Build Backlinks Using Your Competitors’ Broken Pages!

4.  Guest-blogging will certainly help with backlinks too!

This strategy is already not that easy as the previous ones as it requires you to produce a piece of content. And that piece of content would not be paid for, and the more reputable the site you want to publish your article at the more requirements you will need to meet.

 But anyway, those possible discomforts will be worthwhile. Because you will not only get a backlink to your source but if your article is high-quality you will also boost the authority of your source!

By the classic scheme, to place your article at a third-party website that accepts guest posts, you will need to go through several circles of hell. First, you need to choose the site you’d like to place your post at. 

Then, you’ll contact that site’s administrators and negotiate about placing your article. If everything’s ok, you’ll eventually post your material on the site, but there will be no guarantee that in some time that post won’t be deleted. And that’s already rather sad.

To make everything easier, we recommend referring to guest-posting services. As they will be responsible for all the process, together with choosing the most authoritative and reputable source, all the negotiations. And they will even provide you the warranty that no search engine would ever remove your article!

Backlinks are the huge and most principal part of the off-page SEO checklist. In this article, we tried to provide you with the easiest methods of getting those. Still, building backlinks is rather a troublesome task requiring multiple efforts and tons of energy after all, especially for novices. That is why, as with making guest posts, we advise you to refer to a special company and simply buy backlinks to your website, making a true gift to your site’s SEO off-page!

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