7 Security Tips to Keep Your House Secure

Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own homes. When looking for a place to purchase, many people first examine the neighborhood’s crime rates. It’s important to know how severe the crime is, the locations of the local emergency services, and whether the area has a good reputation regarding safety.

The security concerns must extend beyond the local level. Property owners also need to think about keeping their homes secure. The fact that the government labels a neighborhood “safe” does not imply that criminals won’t still find a way in.

Break-ins to homes may seem to happen at random, but the perpetrators usually work methodically. Burglars choose a vacant house that is simple to enter and has several hiding places and exits.

Let’s take a look at seven measures you can take to make your home safer for you and your family.

Close and lock all windows and doors

A lot of house thieves get access to the homes via open doors or windows. In spite of our natural tendency to feel safest in our own neighborhoods, it’s wise to take all precautions necessary and lock all doors and windows at night. Taking this simple precaution will reduce the likelihood that your property will be targeted by the many criminals who drive around looking for easy targets.

Upgrade gates and fences

In a similar vein, don’t make it simple for burglars by leaving a gate open or a fence down.

A garden gate should be firmly built and the same height as the surrounding walls or fences. Metal gates are harder to climb than solid wood gates, making them less attractive to people who want to break in. Make sure that the garden side hinges, bolt, and padlock are locked. Furthermore, you should put at least two separate locks on the gate.

Don’t forget about pool safety

You shouldn’t only put the fencing around your house. As drownings are the leading cause of death in young children, it’s key to keep the area secure.  Put up a fence around your private pool to keep your toddlers safe. A child’s risk of drowning is cut in half when a four-sided barrier is put up.

Also, for the sake of looking good, make sure to choose fences that match the ones around your house. Therefore, if you have a black metal fence, get a black pool fence to match. It’s important to be safe, but your safety measures shouldn’t impact the look of your landscape.

Watch your house like a hawk

View and listen in on what’s going on inside and outside your house with security cameras. The most up-to-date smart security cameras are simple to set up and can be seen remotely on any device with an internet connection. Features like infrared night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection recording should be on your radar.

Install a security system

It’s impossible to tell how many would-be burglars are deterred by house alarm systems. As you search for a solution online, you may find a variety of opinions. Most thieves aren’t up to deactivating or bypassing alarms, as it’s simply too much work.

Intruders are more likely to choose an easier target, so they won’t bother accessing your home as soon as they notice the alarm.

Don’t forget the garage

More and more burglars are using this access point to enter homes. Even if they are unable to get into your home, the contents in your garage are likely to tempt them. Always remember to secure the garage door and any other entrances, even if you think no one is home.

Likewise, consider setting up the garage door opener inside the house. Never let delivery personnel, neighbors, or anybody else see you input your security code for the garage door.

Invest in home automation equipment, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to close the garage door again. Nowadays, you may even open your garage with a help of an app. Plus, set up a driveway alarm. If you have it in your home, why not the garage?

Hide your valuables

Some thieves may pre-scout their targets to make sure they only break into homes with valuables inside. So, try not to leave your valuables where potential thieves can see them. Don’t leave your garage door open, and don’t keep your devices, handbags, jewelry, cash, or any other valuables visible from the outside. You may also try covering your windows with drapes or blinds to prevent others from peering in.

It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of time worrying about how to safeguard your house. You can get started with these suggestions. And take it easy; you need not complete the tasks in the order listed. Figure out which tactics are most pressing, then plan how to implement the rest. The best method to protect your home and family is to stay vigilant and anticipate possible security threats.

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